1. D

    Fatal Attraction DLC

    Jurassic World Evolution: Fatal Attraction DLC (Confirmed Fan Concept)
  2. G

    One big question about Jurassic World Evolution's supposed affiliation

    There is one big question I am wondering, and I need help with it. Q: Is Jurassic World Evolution truly affiliated and/or connected to Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis?:S Yes, I understand that both games are both Jurassic theme park business management simulators within the same media...
  3. DinoMaster9000

    Open Range Safari JPOG Retro Challenge

    So I thought it’d be fun if I put out my own challenge of an updated version of JPOG’s Open Range Safari exercise. I’ve just put some tweaks into it since JPOG didn’t have the comfort constraints and added some species to make it more interesting. The idea of this exercise was to basically be a...
  4. I

    The great things about Jurassic World Evolution

    JW:E Has a lot of things I really enjoy. Sure, I think the game needs a lot of work and isn't worth $60 yet. But I definitely wouldn't call it a bad game. This thread is all about the aspects where the game shines such as: - Dinosaur models. The animals look and feel amazing. Some of the best...
  5. Q

    General Criticism Thread

    Hi all! The recent showoff of the gameplay and new trailer have been totally awesome and the team is doing a marvelous job. It's one of the few games i'm actually excited about again after a long time. With all this positivity around rn we still need to be careful about having on these rose...
  6. o-YOUNG-DAVE-o

    Will there be mod support?

    I'm primarily a console gamer, heck I've barely used my pc since I got it last year, but I've seen what is possible with mods on JPOG, being able to add dinosaurs or other assets is awesome and usually done for free. So with the game only 3 months or so away I was wondering if there is going to...
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