Perhaps a way to make the BGS seem more alive and new Gameplay.

One of the things that seems to animate a lot of players is the background simulation. It operates almost invisibly for most, and seems to have little real relevance in the game. This suggestion is therefore an idea to bring the BGS into view for players.

I would like to see the Megaships moving around from station to station.

Generally the idea is that the megaships actually perform their role. Bulk carriers would ply their trade between stations. They would appear about 15-30 Km from the station and traffic would travel to and from the carrier. These smaller ships could be pirated, missions around escort and security could be offered, or even moving goods from the carrier to the station or to the carrier could be undertaken. The carrier could broadcast messages about items that they are interested in that pilots could undertake to deliver.

Mining megaships could act as mobile refineries, dropping into RES's allowing pilots to mine then trade with the megaship, or purchase refined metals to fulfill a contract. Or even sign up as a miner with a contract for minerals with the mining vessel perhaps getting a bonus when doing so. Again this could provide opportunities for piracy, bounty-hunting or escort contracts.

Fleet carriers would provide the ship transport function, if one was nearby, you could fly your ship to it, select a destination then take a "taxi" back to the station. Or if you summon the ship from another station, you could collect it from the fleet carrier by engaging a taxi and being transported to the carrier.

It would be nice although I do not know how practical if the hyperspace entry / exit for capital ships was used.

It might have already been suggested, if so ignore this, otherwise what do you think.
Raising the visibility of the BGS - the challenge you want to address is currently done with NPCs, and in more extreme cases (higher populations, high player activity) yes I like your proposal.

It does concern me a little how much of this game is manually edited by the Devs though, and I would only support a fully automated version of this solution.
Generally the idea is for the Megaships to follow trade routes moving automatically from system to system, about 100-150 light years apart. These ships in their different roles would hopefully give a feeling of a busy economy. It might then also be possible to take longer term contracts to travel with the Megaship, acting as security, ship to station transport or part of a mining fleet. Much like a CG, when the contract is up, you receive a reward depending upon how successful or profitable the contract period was, perhaps even the possibility of being dismissed for under-performing in a role.
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