1. PiLhEaD

    Cities: Skylines

    5.75 GBP for two days only. In summary - despite its many faults - at this price it's a bargain. if you like city builders, it's worth a look. I strongly recommend these DLC - Parklife, Mass Transit and Snowfall (for the trams), and the mods: MoveIt and TrafficManager. The recent Campus...
  2. Lancer_206

    Dijkstra PLC is recruiting ps4 players

    Hello and thank you for opening this post. We at Dijkstra PLC are currently looking for more ps4 members to join our Faction and squadron! We are a group of players who are friendly, dedicated and generally have a laugh whilst playing for our PMF. We have members mainly from the UK, US and CA...
  3. LanceLord

    Is a Stellaris meets Civilization meets The Sims Sandbox Gameplay Content Possible?

    Now that the Milky Way galaxy just got a little smaller with the DW expedition: 1. is it possible to get space legs similar to the way this exists in X4: Foundations or (Candyman meets boogey man alert) Star Citizen? It would be great to be able to exit your spaceship/land rover when landed on...
  4. Myou

    Squadron driven founding and expansion of minor factions.

    Greetings commanders, this is a suggestion for not quite overhauling, but tweaking the BGS and minor factions function, but let me preface with a simple statement: As we all know, Squadrons can pledge allegiance to a minor faction. And this, fellow commanders is what i propose to be the...
  5. T

    Add sound device flexibility to improve pilot authenticity

    I come into Elite as a Flight Sim Enthusiast with some experience as a fixed wing pilot. Elite comes close to being a viable alternative to terrestrial aviation and thus far I have enjoyed using Elite in a similar manner to my use of flight simulation. One quite noticeable short fall is in the...
  6. NewkTV

    A Full Explanation of Elite: Dangerous' BGS

    A Full Explanation of Elite: Dangerous' BGS Version 2.0 - 17OCT2018 Guide by: CMDR NewkTV - Founder of The Forgotten Initiative. Reference Links are included. If you would like to download the .pdf, please visit: If you are interested in joining The Forgotten...
  7. bdeheus78

    Roller Coasters "White Knuckle" - B&M Inverted Coaster

    Besides the "WOTWS" themepark I have created some coaster designs that not will be used in the themepark I'm currently showing in the Park showcase topic. Nevertheless I don't want to keep them only for myself. Here for example my 6th coaster design is a B&M Inverted Coaster named "White...
  8. EWanderer

    More Depth to Trading in the BGS

    Introduction So as of now, trading in BGS only affects the controlling faction of the station. If you think about this, you come two one of 2 conclusions: a) The controlling faction gets a monopoly in all industries on a station. b) The controlling faction is in charge of the port and flow of...
  9. M

    Space Sounds

    the ingame sound effects are nice, and it add to the game elements of submersion. But Space is void, and there is no sound in real life that can travel through it. so, it would be nice if we have the option to alter that for the sake of space simulation. suggestion: 1- add an option in audio...
  10. T

    Perhaps a way to make the BGS seem more alive and new Gameplay.

    One of the things that seems to animate a lot of players is the background simulation. It operates almost invisibly for most, and seems to have little real relevance in the game. This suggestion is therefore an idea to bring the BGS into view for players. I would like to see the Megaships...
  11. n13L5

    Is gaining INFLUENCE of any use to players who don't care to muck about with the BGS?

    I have so far ignored influence. But I seem to get some small amount with pretty much every mission I turn in... Is there any reason I should care one way or the other? Any practical benefit?
  12. Justinian Octavius

    Torval Strategic Services; for Traders, Miners, Diplomats & Fighters

    Greetings Commanders, you are most welcome! Torval Strategic Services is the Frontier Developments registered Player Group allied to Senator Zemina Torval, the Empire’s mining and trading power. If you want to make money in the Empire then we are the group for you! We also offer a variety of...
  13. J

    How to capture lesser stations in a system?

    Hi there, i recently get into BGS and all that stuff. I read this thread here and there is a point that said to capture a controlling...
  14. Nicou

    Tick time and API update

    Greetings, I am Nicou, leader of the Remlok Industries group and we are heavily involved in the Background Simulation. Previously from the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps, the BGS has always been something very exciting to me, there are so many data to play with, dangers to monitor and systems...
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