Planet Coaster 2: Speculation and Rumors

Thank Gawd for the Theme Master Tool Kit! It's been a game-changer for my Planet Coaster experience! I was hitting a creative wall and feeling stuck, but now I'm able to bring my wildest ideas to life. Whether it's crafting videos inspired by beloved video games, cartoon characters or iconic movies, the customization options are endless and have truly reignited my passion for the game.

With Planet Coaster 2 on the horizon, I'm beyond excited for the future of my YouTube channel. The potential for even more creativity and innovation has me counting down the days until its release. FRONTIER ROCKS!
I'm hoping that TMTK will exist in PC2 as well, and perhaps without some of the limitations it currently has and better support.
I'm so ready for Planet Coaster 2. I bought all the DLC for PlanCo1 and will for the new one if we get more rides and decoration items. As long as the flaws in the first game and community feedback is taken on board, I would fully support Frontier with Planet Coaster 2. I'll be pre-ordering on day 1.
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