Planet Zoo - 1.0.1 Update Notes

The problems is mostly too much people are trying to buy animals and server are limited, time is going to prevent this when less people are trying to buy all the same animals.
Well. I still not see them. This issue takes on for at least 5 hours now. Other players can buy animals without issues. Iam able to see this on twitch.
I have this problem as well although not all the time. I think I read it here or on Reddit but sometimes when you're browsing the market try pressing "space" on your keyboard. Sometimes it doesn't even register clicks with the mouse. So for example if you want to buy an animal and you're clicking and nothing happens try pressing space. It doesn't work everytime though. It also helps if you close the market and then reopen it again.
This is not the issue am having. The game is simply not loading more and not show that there are more pages.

Y’all need to fix the Vandalism and Caretaker issues. Caretakers avoid most all trash and cameras don’t seem to help at all with vandalism. What do the cameras do anyways because they do not act like PC’s cameras seems like this isn’t even implemented yet.
Still nothing on the timescale :(
They're willingly ignoring it, probably from higher-up's orders. It's never going to get changed. Either play it like this or seek a refund. I've made the decision that full price is not deserved with such a huge flaw, so I'll grab it for half the price soon enough considering Black Friday and Christmas are around the corner.
Thank you for being so on the ball with this, Frontier! I had all kinds of bugs in beta but almost none now. I'm very surprised at how much got fixed in such a short time! Last night a couple of pygmy hippos got stuck in a pond where I think I may have made the sides too steep for their little pudgy short legs :) Oddly the game was reporting them as being thirsty although they were completely submerged, which was kind of funny. I was able to move them easily and they were fine. That's the only bug I've encountered in Sandbox so far.
The lastest update has broken the game for me, in that the game won't launch. I have been trying for 5 hours to get the problem fixed but with no luck, and before you ask. Yes i have reinstalled the game. Twice! Yes i have updated my drives, from cpu to gpu. If this problem can't be fixed please tell me so i can get a refund!
Hi Frontier - thank you for a brilliant game - since you made this update - when terrain editing or putting down scenery items - now the cursor seems to stagger and have trouble moving freely and smoothly - it only happens when terrain editing or putting down construction/scenery items. It seems that there is a slight conflict.
Was smooth before and now since the update there is a slightly stagger/delay when moving cursor around in construction/terrain edit mode.
It's not bad or unplayable - just annoying - but just seems to glitchy lag when moving camera/cursor around - thought I'd mention it.
Also - when loading any game - the green loading screen with bear animal walking - there is a slight music glitch (it stops/skips a beat) there as well and then everything loads OK - there was no glitch before - just after the last update, Thanks G
Hello, thank you for the update. Yesterday I crashed about 20 times in 5 minutes when I was trying to remove an enclosure with DEL. RMB also crashed eventually. The way I managed to get rid of the enclosure (sounds blunt, I know) was by deleting 2 - 3 pieces of wall, saving, and going until it'd crash, after that I didn't have that issue anymore.

Is there anything known about possible stability issues when E.G "spamming" a certain button?
Any news on another patch? It's been 4 days since this one, and even though they aren't game breaking per se - there are still quite some bugs I'd like to get rid of. Especially crashes and issues with keeping enclosure clean and animals fed aren't great for the enjoyment.
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