PMFs: data, charts, and the coming galactic player wars...

Do you have any statistics about allegiance or government type going back to 2014 or 15? I vaguely recall some numbers but can't find a way to confirm. How far back have records been kept?
unfortunately, no. The first two entries from my historical super-power systems controlled map (near the bottom of the data sheet) literally come from a live stream with Dav ages ago.
When the game first launched, system controllers were fixed and static - which is why the system descriptions for many systems within the Pill (the region of space which was the only region opened up for players during Gamma back in 2014) often include a description of the system's government, even though that description is usually now rendered obsolete by player activity. I think the current Minor Faction system was implemented in version 1.1? Not entirely sure, it was before my time.
Minor Faction influence could be tweaked by player action from launch. I believe players latched on to the potential of this feature with an enthusiasm that FD had not anticipated.
Yep... FD expected players to find affinity with the Superpowers, not the individual factions in a system.
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