PMFs: data, charts, and the coming galactic player wars...

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It's always neat to have this representation of where we are in the Bubble and all.
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Major population losses for the Federation last month in Theta Indi and LTT 2684. I imagine the latter system's switch to "prison colony" more accurately reflects the Federation's actual government.

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Another great update.

I had a quick thought for a new stat that might be interesting: a graph of PMFs per system. The count of 0s is (approximately) the falling number of systems where new PMFs might be added, while the 2+s are where the "galactic player wars" mentioned in the thread title might be.
The top 100 factions by systems controlled collectively control, now, over 3200 systems. Player groups supporting factions will be running out of space before long, and then we really will start seeing player wars.
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Just a note on this...
"36 new PMFs this month, similar to last month's 38. We see 20 more factions with no systems controlled and 4 added to those controlling one, whereas those owning two has stayed the same. So it seems maybe 12 of the new PMFs are NPC factions marked as PMFs by supporting players. On the far end, the largest PMF now owns 72. That is +1 from last month."

It's pretty much just me updating the database by marking new factions as 'player' and tagging their home system. Although the occasional group does it for themselves.
Sometimes I haven't been in to check for a while and a player faction will already have gained control of their home before I get around to tagging them.
It's pretty rare to find groups tagging an existing faction as 'player'.
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