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I did an experiment with an exhibit filled with Jurassic period dinosaurs to test out their population stats. It was filled with stegosaurus, dilophosaurus, diplodocus, brachiosaurus, camarasaurus, and apatosaurus.

Stegosaurus are not as social as the other dinosaurs in terms of their population requirements. However if you have a big enough enclosure, you can have as many dinosaurs as you want in one exhibit!

The reason for this, is because when it comes to "Population", it's all about how many are real close or nearby to each other. The stegosaurs in my test exhibit only herded in one side because of the well placed feeders and water supply. The others just wandered off where their respective feeders are (sauropods only).

So, my tip in dinosaur keeping would be: If you want to have as many dinosaurs in one enclosure without segregating the less population require herbivorous dinos, its best to make a really large exhibit and have well placed plant feeders for the respective dinos near a close enough water supply and make sure the others stay in another spot of the enclosure, particularly if its the sauropods and that you would want a huge herd of them.

Carnivores will wander everywhere, keep that in mind. But herbivore species can be kept in one side if you have well placed feeders and water supplies.[up]
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I'll try this but did you have fighting on or was it turned off. Try this a few more times. It could just be chance that it didn't attack. Also was the enclosure big enough for the Indominus to start the animation or was it too small?
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This topic has changed with something more relevant.

(I tried that ankylodocus defense test again on my own time and I swear to god, the Indominus didn't hunt down my ankylodocus test subject. But, when I tried again right after writing the initial post, it actually did attack and killed the one only one I had in the exhibit with her. I did another minor test with one of each modification (One modified and one unmodified), she seems to only attack the less defensed ones first if any are in the same enclosure as the modified ones. Sorry for the inconvenience. It just proves this game is can be just so unpredictable in terms of dino behaviors, so easy to make a big mistake.

Exept for what I changed this subject into: a population tip, which what it says now is true because I spent almost a couple of hours on it.
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In the campaign on Sorna, there is that 1 mission (Science or Entertainment... I forgot), where you need to keep a whole bunch of dinos together including Pentaceratops and Metriacanthasaur in 1 enclosure. Most people find out the hard way that Pentas have a very low population maximum, which is exceeded during this mission.

The easy way to beat this is to create a maze of an enclosure that is large enough to put all dinos on 1 side, and tuck a small pen off in a corner away from them with just a tiny gate open. So the theory is certainly plausible, but the amount of space you need to accommodate prickly dinos is just not worth it.
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