Programmable indicator lights on ship consoles

I have a T16000m FCS & make use of the I/O layers for my control scheme. The problem I have is that there's no way to know what the state of the I/O layer is. I have the CapsLock key bound to the button that toggles the I/O layer state, but that's by no means a bullet-proof solution. I've reached out to ThrustMaster but am not expecting much from that direction... It just occurred to me this morning that maybe FDev could include a couple (3-4) programmable indicators on the ship console/HUD that can be keybound to light/darken. They could be different colors & wouldn't even need text overlays or anything (although a programmable text overlay would be uber-kewl! :D) But, I could then bind the I/O layer control to one of those indicators & have an idea of whether or not it's been invoked (still not 100% bullet-proof as there's no way of querying the controller's state on game-start that I'm aware of.)

Thank you!
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