PS4 other joystick support needed please

Would very much appreciate if support could be added to PS4 for joysticks other than this junk thrustmaster. I’m on my second one now for not even 6 weeks after 3 months of back and forth with TM to get the first one replaced, and this one is already starting to have the same problems as the first one. The build quality on these is so subpar (I know, you get what you pay for) compared to what else is out there and it would just be so much better for the game if we could have some choice. I had gotten this Saitek X55 a while back to use with War Thunder on PS4 (which they’ve pulled off quite well) and I was so excited to plug it into Elite when it launched. Imagine my disappointment when I realized I was going to be forced to buy this TM product which has performed so—predictably.
You will have to take that request to Sony.
I will, or FDev will? Is it definitely a Sony issue? Like I said up there, you can use other joysticks on War Thunder on PS4 already which is, funny enough, the game that is advertised on the box for the TM HOTAS. The stick comes with some promotional in-game unlock thing for WT and yet we’re not locked into that stick for that game.
Hm really? I've been under the impression that Sony were still happily walling their little garden off from all the filthy hardware out there that doesn't come with custom licensing income.
Dunno, that was never my impression of them. To me they were always so much more accommodating with respect to 3rd party peripherals and such compared to microsoft (at least the xb360 anyway, don’t know about xb1). Admittedly I did more of that on the PS3 back when you could still run linux on there, but for instance you can still pop whatever brand of replacement hard drive in if you want additional space. Haven’t tried a kb or mouse on the ps4 yet so can’t really comment on that.
Haven’t tried a kb or mouse on the ps4 yet so can’t really comment on that.
Keyboards are a hot mess, they sometimes work. I remember reading that games can use them everywhere text input pops up, so in Elite you can use one for searching on the galaxy map, but "apps" like Amazon Video can't, so good luck using the search function (that, or Amazon just decided to be dumb, which I won't rule out). Maybe generic joystick support is a "bring your own input system" affair so most of the time developers just use stuff that's made to behave like a gamepad for simplicity, who knows.
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