(QoL) Improving limpets and making them better to use

I think that limpets are a great idea that is unfortunately hampered by it's execution. There's far too much unnecessary complexity involved with the use of limpets, making using them a more annoying prospect then it need to be. The biggest problem in this regard is the fact that limpets have double requirements; you first need the limpet controller and then you need the (single use) limpets themselves, that you have to store inside your cargo bay. The present system makes limpets eat up 2 internal slots; first for the controller and then for the limpet storage.

I would suggest removing limpets as a form of cargo altogether and instead making them into a form of ammo for the limpet controller that can be reused. Additionally there's no need for limpets to have a limited number of uses. Limpets should also be capable of being rebuilt on the spot by the controller (like the SLF hangar rebuilds lost SLFs).

This, in my opinion, would really enhance the utility of limpets in the game and make them easier and more fun to use, while cutting down on the busywork involved with using them; which in turn would greatly improve the gameplay experience for players who use limpets.
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