Quality of life improvments

#1 Bookmarks in navigation panel for quicker routing.
#2 Wingman nav lock needs to target wingmans next system in route instead of waiting for them to jump. Nav lock in supercruise should function like it does for jumps, simply approach wingmans
drop location and it should auto drop to their location, instead of droppong you right where you are.
#3 Bookmarks in galaxy map need to be able to sort them into groups\folders. I.E. systems to scan, resources, discounts ect. players name the groups.
#4 Mission payout needs to be increased and based on player ranks. example elite in all three catagories equal 3x base reward. 1x per max rank. this would give perpose to the ranks. And if you
are worried about new players gaining too much money too fast simply lock higher end ships behind one of these ranks. It would be common sense that the pilots federation would not trust a
type 10 defender to a novice.
#5 SRV either needs a major overhaul or introduce more combat orientated SRVs for planetary scan missions. Too easily destroyed as they are now.
#6 Apply surface alignment indicator to station landing to help speed up the docking process.
#7 In commodities market add on the right hand side a list of your cargo that allows you to sell individual items or sell all button.
#8 PLEASE allow multi crew members to profit from mission completion and gain progress towards their ranks. even if the experience/profit gain is half. No one uses this feature because of this.
and allow full station access while in multi crew i.e outfitting.
#9 Mission board sorting by mission type.
#10 Anti- interdiction utility. tired of npc's hitting me while near stars or headed towards surface of planets. It can be level based. a 2d anti interdictor can stop a 2d and below interdictors.
#11 After mining in a anarchy system hundreds of lyrs from civilization and jumping to the next system where a npc is waiting for you saying something along the lines of "the rumors where
true".... They should not know what you have until after they scan you or the first station you dock at, Not magically.
#12 interstellar and surface scanners should be add-ons to your sensors and not take up optional slots. 1c scanner in a class 3 slot is a waste.
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