1. Old Duck

    Elephant Butt Leather on PC!

    What in Satan's Playground is this horrible, flickering mess? It sure isn't the "Ultra Shadows" I have selected in my settings! I guess dirty routers affect PC as much as they do PS4s.... Where is the fish-kissing shadow guy? Save me from this horror!!
  2. P

    Food Quality and Vet Visits

    Hello! I have a couple of questions. 1. All my animals have been fully researched and all my habitats have their food quality set to grade 3, I've double and triple checked, yet they frequently have an orange poor last meal quality in their welfare. Why is this? I'm paying for Grade 3 food...
  3. KaoRu

    Low Graphics?

    I'm having the same problem as what I did during the Beta. Although during the beta it only happened to Career Mode but Franchise was fine. But this time for the full version it's happening to Career AND Sandbox (Franchise isn't working for some reason). As you can see from the pictures the...
  4. Old Duck

    Lagrange Clouds on PS4

    Have any of you been to a Lagrange cloud yet? I visited my first one over the weekend, which was by all indications undiscovered, and it was surprisingly "meh". No colors, no lightning, no boiling clouds, just a boring grey fog. The things inside it were cool, however. So I'm wondering if these...
  5. Old Duck

    I would like an Augmented Reality tab similar to the Modules tab

    Definition - when I say "Augmented Reality", I'm talking about all things displayed on the glass of our cockpit that visually add to the space around us. We have the ability to turn orbit lines on and off, and already people are asking to allow for even more customization of this very specific...
  6. Cory280

    Make modules assignable to analysis mode or combat mode, not fixed to them.

    The current Analysis mode and Combat mode are a really good idea, but the fact that modules are fixed to each mode makes some things really irritating, such as using the SRV. Making different modules assignable to different modes (likely using a button next to where you assign fire groups) would...
  7. ebbrell

    Ability to see required commodities for missions while buying or on ship inventory

    I am hoping this quality of life improvement can be added,. I basically would like a way of seeing what totals of missions items are required when purchasing commodities. When you have 6 or 7 missions all needing stuff, the missions may mean you need 3 different commodities made up of...
  8. C

    Long distance passengers shouldn't be allowed to screw you

    So a bit of the surrounding narrative: I worked for countless hours delivering cargo to make the credits to pay for the almighty Beluga Liner, which with a few tweaks i managed to get 45 ly range, fully loaded with type A modules. It only cost 240 mil. I then began my journey into the black...
  9. Yamiks

    [video] The need for more "CONTENT"

  10. C

    Sensors, Limpets and Gameplay (and how module racks can improve them)

    The sensors on a ship are, unfortunately, one of the least valuable modules on it. They contribute very little to the actual ship (especially when compared to other core internals like distributors and thrusters). This irrelevance leads to a situation where sensors are picked solely based on...
  11. Old Duck

    So about those shadows....

    Hey Lloyd, I hope you're reading this :) I recently had the opportunity to test Elite Dangerous on the PS4 Pro. One of the major things that tempted me to purchase a Pro was the promise of better shadows in Elite Dangerous. And yes, shadows are pretty darn amazing in ED's quality mode on the...
  12. RolloTreadway

    Exploration: Quality of Life improvement, much needed, please, it's been years now

    I know this has been suggested before, probably many times, at least once by me. But the change never happens and I'm not going to stop going on about it until it does. PLEASE can we have an improvement to the system for giving exploration data to Universal Cartographics. It really is not fun...
  13. Yamiks

    [video] 10 Quality of life improvements (part4)

    https://youtu.be/NikBbzKiki4 ....for those with little attention span : TL;DW : #1 Ship integrity has to be moved to main page and/or recombined with repair all #2 Missiles/torps/mines come WITH ammo (why do we need to rearm these weapons?) #3 Colored bookmarks #4 In shipyard : maneuverability...
  14. R

    [Suggestion] Add "Services" list to System Map Bookmark Tab Page

    In system map you can 'tab' on the display screen to a "Bookmarks" listing. It shows categories of planetary ports and Stations. If you added another category of "Services" below, it would speed finding certain services, vs. having to select each station/port bookmark and tab over to its...
  15. F

    Concise list of simple, useful Quality of Life/HUD Suggestions

    Greetings Commanders! (and hopefully at least one developer - fingers crossed) I'm going to be posting a few threads today of suggestions I have made on Reddit and Twitter, as I've been advised that this is where they're most likely to be seen. I'm going to try to be as concise as possible as I...
  16. B

    Quality of life improvments

    #1 Bookmarks in navigation panel for quicker routing. #2 Wingman nav lock needs to target wingmans next system in route instead of waiting for them to jump. Nav lock in supercruise should function like it does for jumps, simply approach wingmans drop location and it should auto drop to...
  17. M

    Just Lean Back and Take in the View

    I'll start by saying that this game is simply beautiful in VR. So much so that when I'm in a ship with a large open cockpit, I sometimes want to lean back in my chair and take in the view. I want to stare in awe the beauty of the galaxy that surrounds me, but what do I see? The inside of my...
  18. Yamiks

    [video] Quality of life improvements 3

    https://youtu.be/bMCvRKF8Gbk Do feel free to share your own personal nitpicks that you want to see changed!
  19. dmulligan

    CPU constrained quality settings

    I'll get this out of the way up front. My CPU is underpowered for Elite Dangerous VR. My 1080 GPU should be able to keep up, though always being ready for the next frame will increase the load on the CPU. I won't be able to upgrade my CPU/MB/RAM for several months and I would still like the...
  20. ToastSky

    Fuel Scoop QoL Change

    Problem:When fuel scooping you usually have little information of how close you are to the stars you're scooping from beside from experience of Heat % and Scoop rate, the radar and/or selecting the star itself does give you some idea it's still rather vague and not as detailed and clear as I'd...
  21. afreeflyingsoul

    Cockpit Dome Lights off switch (not the HUD)

    Hi FD, Please let us turn off the background lights in the cockpits of our ships. Not the HUD (though a dimmer option would be nice) and not the gamma adjustment. I'm referring to the cabin lights. Let me be clear, I'm not asking for these lights to go away, I just want to turn them off...
  22. NW3

    QoL improvement for CGs: Add a new Marketplace Manager contact

    Recently, yet another trading CG has been thwarted by a lockdown state. I think there should be a new contact, a Marketplace Manager, similar to a black market contact. This contact should only be available whenever the main Commodities area is closed down (only if the station has a...
  23. Tigir

    swap modules with stored ships at same station directly in outfitting

    It would definitely be a quality of life improvement to be able to swap modules between ships in the same station directly within outfitting. It really doesn't make sense that we have to slip seat between ships to store/retrieve modules from/to ships located at the same facility.
  24. k8-bit

    Community Event / Creation Future-Retro fusion :)

    An excuse to plunder the archaeological archive...
  25. H

    Elite / Frontier Wanted elite badge

    OK I know - but I would really like one. A original instead of the copy that you can get. Has anyone got a badge that they don't want anymore. I will give it a loving home. I reached Elite back in the day, and loved every minute of it. I am really looking forward to any (and I have playied...
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