Rare Commodities List!

Rather than a map, use @Zoy's Galactic Almanac and hit the Booming Marvelous Rares and Route button.

It'll give you a route around all the currently booming rares stations (I think it skips the long SC ones) and from what recent posts on here have said the boom supply is boosted much higher than when we were looking at them all pre-3.3 :)
With many thanks and o7's to CMDRs Pollycough and Raiko, who generously donated some rare commodities from systems I don't yet have a permit for, I have completed my quest to deliver at least 1 of every type of rare commodity to Obsidian Orbital. Also thanks to the Thargoids for not blasting me to dust. screenshots of manifest and prices below.
BTW, I usually spend Xmas & New Year's in Colonia (Jaques throws a wicked party) so I'll bring some Jaques Quinentian Stills back and share them out to anyone interested in doing a similar quest, but who doesn't want to go all the way to Colonia.
Fly safe, CMDRs. o7

All gone.
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