Rare Commodities List!

Rather than a map, use @Zoy's Galactic Almanac and hit the Booming Marvelous Rares and Route button.

It'll give you a route around all the currently booming rares stations (I think it skips the long SC ones) and from what recent posts on here have said the boom supply is boosted much higher than when we were looking at them all pre-3.3 :)
With many thanks and o7's to CMDRs Pollycough and Raiko, who generously donated some rare commodities from systems I don't yet have a permit for, I have completed my quest to deliver at least 1 of every type of rare commodity to Obsidian Orbital. Also thanks to the Thargoids for not blasting me to dust. screenshots of manifest and prices below.
BTW, I usually spend Xmas & New Year's in Colonia (Jaques throws a wicked party) so I'll bring some Jaques Quinentian Stills back and share them out to anyone interested in doing a similar quest, but who doesn't want to go all the way to Colonia.
Fly safe, CMDRs. o7

All gone.
Great rares list. Would it be poss to sort, say by name?
(Edit: I guess I could download the csv and do it myself :p )
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Hi All
Just a quick note to say that zoy.updog.co no longer works - the guy running the hosting decided to shut it all down, and didn't notify me that was going to happen.
I have moved my site to a different host - all should be the same, let me know here if anything doesn't work for you.
The new site is http://zoy.rf.gd/rares/
My Asus router is blocking Your url/site is is flagged as spammer. :O

Cmdr Seimen
My Asus router is blocking Your url/site is is flagged as spammer. :O

Cmdr Seimen
That is unfortunate. Anti-virus and other site filters can be over-zealous when blocking things. My site is on a free hosting service with a subdomain 'zoy' and domain 'rf.gd' (provided by the hosting service) - lot's of other users of this free hosting will also use the domain 'rf.gd' with different subdomains. If one of them puts some bad content up, any blocker that only considers the domain, not subdomain.domain will potentially block every site on that free hosting provider.
Maybe you can add exceptions?
If you have been using my new site, http://zoy.rf.gd/, I noticed the default caching policy is very heavy. it will have told your browser to keep files for 30 days - I have set the headers to not cache any more (essential as I deploy new data to the site at least once a day), but this change will not be picked up by YOUR BROWSER for 30 days. To get latest data from now on, clear your browser cache - last 30 days should suffice. Things should behave after that. I hope!
[EDIT] - or wait 30 days from your initial visit!
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Ngurii (Cheranovsky City) is giving out 600t of Soontil Relics today. Normally 400 in Boom, but 600 today. States are Boom, Civil Liberty, Public Holiday, so maybe Public Holiday further boosts allocation?
Get there quick before the tick! Not sure how long it will last
EDIT - it didn't last long, at the tick it dropped back to 80 - the old boom allocation - even though the states are still Boom, Civil Liberty, Public Holiday. Seems FDev have been tinkering?
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I didn't know Duradrives is a rare good (and it's missing in the OP):
Anima (Federation) - Cowper Dock (1097ls) - Consumer Items/Duradrives - 16250cr - current allocation 18t
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