Really large landable planets: the list. (MK II)

Good luck. Assuming you maintain 30m/s average (SRV max speed on level ground is about 38) that should only take about two months of in-game time. :D
Thanks, ill need it :)

I can get my srv going 150ms, other have gotten thiers going 400ms. Hopefully by the time i take off again ill be in the 400ms skill level
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Congrats. I am heading in the direction of EA after 120kly trip to BP and haven't found a suitable candidate the entire run, a few just over 18k in radius but not worthy of the list.

I wonder what will happen with the list if/when ED open up new types of landable planets, the journal won't be updated backwards so I guess we will just have to go through our possible large bodies manually and check then against a database like EDSM to see of they have become landable. If they open up a certain type, say icy atmospheric bodies or the hell planets I am sure the Observatory can be set to pull the large examples of those out and then we just need to check them out ourselves.
Yeah, despite having passed many larger Icy worlds scanning some 1500 Systems in The Void alone, this random find on my way to BP was the 1st one exceeding 20000km.
(20000km is my personal "entry limit" for this list)
Kyloall YD-S d4-5226 1 ( EDSM )
Size: 27850km

Thanks to CMDR @Zieman , he gave a link to this topic. And thanks again to CMDR @Vithigar for a great app, it helped to recall this old find.

It is very light there. And slippery! Even a slight slope causes your ship to glide down the slope, which is due to impressive gravity. I have not tried to release and return the ship there. Honestly, I did not land on planets with more gravity ... But still ahead.

Here is a video. Нand brakes were completely ineffective...



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That's impressive indeed.

Oh yes, I have flown out and added Eactainds RR-P b5-0 C 1 (in 64th place at the moment) to EDSM, it's taken while but I got distracted, I will add the other large bodies missing from EDSM as travel round the core.

Ooops... 28,205 km
Nice, my discoveries of large landables has quietened down quite a bit lately, they can't all have been discovered of course, but I wonder what thge max size is going to be. Personally expect the max size will be a fair bit larger, but the numbers will be a lot lower so harder to find, a classic bell curve like high gravs. I could imagine a landable icy body with 11g for instance since that seems to be the highest g landable we currently have, and that will be a bit larger than the current largest.
Ok I have added Hypuae Scrua QP-N d7-196 3 to EDSM, originally discovered and reported by CMDR ICK it's a really nice ringed large body.

Imagine my surprise to find, in the same system, also discovered by CMDR ICK but not reported and therefore not on the list another large body right next to the first, so I am claiming this one for me as the first reporter.

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