Really large landable planets: the list. (MK II)

I am currently participating in the Pegasus Run 3305 (Galactic Circumnavigation Expedition) and finally found the time to check my logs (using EDObservatory) for large landable bodies. I found a few and also some older entries from my solo trip to Colonia and Sag A*. I'll figured I best provide this as a table sorted by radius (the links go to EDSM):

Discovery DateSystem and Planet NameRadiusOccasionScreenshot
2019-09-28 22:05:53HIP 112531 A 120342kmPegasus Run 3305HIP 112531 A 1_LR.jpg
2019-05-08 19:39:05Nyeajaae YP-T c5-17 A 119626kmSolo ExplorationNyeajaae YP-T c5-17 A 1_LR.jpg
2019-05-26 22:12:26Dryuae Aoscs KI-S d4-3018 CD 119611kmSolo ExplorationDryuae Aoscs KI-S d4-3018 CD 1_LR.jpg
2019-10-31 20:48:14Dryua Eaescs HC-J d10-2 C 119604kmPegasus Run 3305Dryua Eaescs HC-J d10-2 C 1_LR.jpg
2019-09-29 22:12:44Oochody PM-C d8 C 119473kmPegasus Run 3305Oochody PM-C d8 C 1_LR.jpg
2019-10-09 21:04:03Phroea Dryiae QI-J c25-0 B 319269kmPegasus Run 3305Phroea Dryiae QI-J c25-0 B 3_LR.jpg
2019-12-04 14:39:05Eos Flee NY-Y d1-0 C 119267kmPegasus Run 3305Eos Flee NY-Y d1-0 C 1_LR.jpg
2019-09-29 19:59:22Oochoss KO-O d7-3 D 118654kmPegasus Run 3305Oochoss KO-O d7-3 D 1_LR.jpg
2019-12-22 22:29:23Hypuehu VC-E c14-1 C 118527kmPegasus Run 3305Hypuehu VC-E c14-1 C 1_LR.jpg
2019-12-26 19:33:35Phraa Bliae LM-T d4-0 A 118294kmPegasus Run 3305Phraa Bliae LM-T d4-0 A 1_LR.jpg
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