Rent-a-Ship Suggestion

Hello Cmdrs,

If you are on the same position as me you may have a lot of unused Ships.
Wouldn't it be nice if other cmdrs could rent your Ship for their task?
I myself am combat oriented but sometimes I would like to trade but I don't want to use a T-9 once and scrap it afterwards, so I just don't do it.
And I know other cmdrs who doesn't even want to try other ships, since it would cost them too many credits/materials/time.
Sometimes they just want to see how well/bad the ship kits looks from the inside.

It would be awesome to see that your Ship is being appreciated by others ehile earning credits from them. They may rent it a week for the ships insurance costs and have to pay all other costs by themselfs, but weren't allowed to change your ship in any other way. And if they leave your ship in Colonia, they are charged for the transportation costs.

What do you think about it?

Cmdr derhuman
There's a difference between not being allowd and not being able to change the fitting. I personally would prefer the latter - or else you might rent out an fully A-rated ship and upon return find the equipment was replaced by E-rated stuff. The idea is kinda neat though - although I don't see a profit margin in your proposal which might be an incentive for renting out a ship.
That's what I intentionally meant. Sure other players shouldn't be able to change any aspect of your ship. And the profit would be generated through renting a ship for maybe 5% of its total value for one week...
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