Roccat Power Grid

Has anyone else using Roccat grids tried mentiooned above I got Lights working I also have a landing gear button, a request docking ..(stays lit until second press to reset it.. also deploys landing gear 10 secs after first request) a cargo scoop which slows the ship before deploying scoop, also stays lit on screen. and when closed resets ship to full speed.
My question is what other items would be good to have on a toggle switch where you may need the icon to stay lit to show its current condition Ie lights on/off..
As in the examples above..
Have an issue with connecting Ipad, latest IOS. It just don't see the host, not it can connect with an ip. Tried note 8, that one detects the host instantly, same network...not sure what to do even.
So Roccat have totally pulled the plug on Power Grid.
I was hoping to grab the ED icons as I am currently building a physical custom keyboard with switches that have inserts in the top.
Does anyone here have any of the .png files for ED such as attached, as it would save me a lot of work and give the keyboard a "standard" look.
Oh and when it is done, it will be an Instructables with full credit to the sources ;-)


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Ah. My old account still works (after a password reset) which would be why it looks ok to me. Not used it in some time though
I've been intending to check out this one for some time....

Free..... Productivity App for iOS & Android Devices

The App uses your device’s Wi-Fi connection to communicate with your PC on the same local network.
You can also use it to operate functions in Microsoft® Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Internet Explorer.
And presumably ED when set up.


People, the program still works... I tried it now. Although it really does not allow you to create an account via the app itself, just go to roccat site (use this link) and create a new account and use it in your PC roccat powergrid program... Then, everything should work fine.
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