Separate Fire Groups for the different Cockpit Modes

That's more complicated than it needs to be. Why not just have all devices that are assigned to a button but don't work in say analysis mode disabled when you switch to that mode, thus removing the annoying warning message.
Another variation of a long list of suggestions on how to make better use of combat mode and fire groups. And about each and any of them would be an improvement to what we currently have, so i would welcome any of them.
Are the developers even aware of this?

Last time I played, this annoyed me enough to stop playing and wait for a fix. Still waiting.
Please can we have separate Fire Group setting for the different Cockpit Modes - Combat or Analysis.

At present I can 'double bank' the Fire Buttons (A 1 Combat = Beams, A 1 Analysis = Discovery Scanner) but I get an irritating message when I fire anything.

Separate Fire Groups settings that I toggle between by hitting '/' when in the RHP will do the trick nicely.

Thank you.
Agree, with the multitude of items that need to be bound, but only usable in the specific mode for them it would be much cleaner to have the discovery and combat fire groups separated (but allow cross over where required) ie collector limpets
Agree with OP. Separate fire groups based on mode. Or hide the fire groups that aren't associated with the mode selected.

On a side note, I really wish selecting combat mode actually placed your ship in combat mode.
  • Close cargo hatch
  • Deploy Hardpoints.
  • Set pips to a user defined default setup.
  • Combat Fire Group #1 auto select.
This has been an issue for over a year, with various forum posts about it. But still no official word on what's going to be done about it.
Been requested multiple times now. Don’t know why they haven’t sorted it out.

An extra tab (like they have done for transactions) for each cockpit mode for fire groups. The cockpit mode firing group only shows which shows the “visible” weapons and ultilities. The UI isn’t hard to sort out.....

but I think it has more to do with the jumble of controls schemes and UI’s being routed through the helm renderer.
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