Simple VR Keyboard idea

Hello guys, first post here I don't know if Devs often come read suggestion but I want to give it a try.
I'm sure many of you had this idea pop in their head too maybe the dev themselves but it cannot be done ?

Anyway here's my idea at an ingame keyboard for VR users :

Have an in-game keyboard be "summonable" via a keypress and have it use the UI navigation keys to use it, then press the key again and it goes away.

This would be a very very welcome feature for VR users I'm sure and should not be all that difficult to implement I think ? Because right know the only plausible way to use any input method is either, lifting your headset to type on your irl keyboard, or third party programs which are not always optimum or immersive, anyway let me know what you guys think about it, and if there's a way for this idea to reach the dev efficiently !
I agree a keyboard would be a great .

There is a third option I tried, you could consider. I placed a webcam over my actual keyboard and brought it into the game using Oculus Dash. So i can see it and my hands when I type.
An easy trick I use I am a touch typist. Roll your fingers over the keys until you find the bump on F and J. Also what makes it easier is if you put your thumbs on the space bar. Your fingers are on the Main keys. Asdfghjkl; and you can find the F and J key easier.
Yeah after some forum digging it feels like it's "This window is cracked we should fix that (ie ingame keyboard) and everyone is either like Oh I made that a door (ie vr sucks) or Hey I put tape on that we good (ie touch typing)"
It's the a shame the devs aren't that much free to add this feature, but what i saw of the community really has me sad I came on the forums

If people want it, here's my opinion, you can't ask everyone to be able to touch type, for me I built a chair for flying in VR and there's no way a keyboard fits there, for others it's simply too complicated.
And for people saying VR is a phase or it's dying, well it sure as hell don't feel like it when your in the hmd, plus i don't see why that feature (ingame keyboard) would even be a burden for non vr users (also VR is booming in professional markets rn, give it a decade)
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