Split Up Carrier Layout

The way carrier layouts currently work as single whole options is unfortunate, since most players are unlikely to be happy with every feature of a layout.
For example I like the Nautilus' nose piece... but not its in-front-of-the-flight-deck bridge.

So what about splitting the layouts into pieces like ship kits? Purchased together but applied individually, and mix-and-match-able.
1: Nose
2: Wings
3: Engines
4: Bridge Position
5: Undercarriage
And honestly the horn should probably just be its own category like engine colors and landing pad guides, so new horns can be added without needing a matching layout and vice versa.
(This would also hopefully allow players to preview horns, whereas currently there's nothing to even tell the player that the layout they're buying will change that.)

Class names could either be detached from layout, or the number of names could be brought up to 15 to account for every possible mix.
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