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From Mike’s Discord. Can’t tell if trolling 😋
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This Glassdoor landed on April 1st. Don't think it's a joke though...



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A few nice people to chat to, made some friends.
Trauma bond.

Extremely toxic and soul draining.
Management spinning wheels
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From Mike’s Discord. Can’t tell if trolling 😋
Considering the tenuous relationship most of the faithful have with reality, and the battered spouse syndrome shown by a lot of them, I am leaning toward it being a legit post.

Keep in mind, quite a contingent of the faithful don't play any other games and honestly think SC is better than everything else out there, in spite of the copious evidence to the contrary.
I think it's a bit of a running gag in SC that NPCs aggregate inside planets in large numbers. They fall through the surface, too, but don't have the luxury to log out and play something else.
But lo, tentative ship modularity appears!

Cards added to Release View 3.23.x:
  • Vehicle Modularity
    • This initial release contains the torpedo and cargo room modules for the Aegis Retaliator, with additional modules and vehicles to be added in the future.
  • Aegis Retaliator - Gold Standard

2024 Tier 0 style and that. Source:
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