Community Event / Creation The Buckyball Racing Club presents: The Magic 8 Ball Championship

I've just set off on a trip to the Formidine Rift and beyond with a friend, but I'm definitely up for some Buckyball action when I'm back. It's always something I've fancied getting involved with, but was never quite sure how and where. CMDR Buur's shout out certainly helped, but wouldn't a Galnet article be awesome too? Maybe there's room for officially sanctioned player events to be included there for all to see/hear as well as the promised community calendar too? (I won't ping Zac again :ROFLMAO:)
Thanks to Jack Shaftoe for his excellent calendar! I've added it to mine :)
Hear hear to that. We did used to get many of our races mentioned in Galnet but while I would of course love to see a return to those days I think Galnet has fundamentally changed to a more formal news channel dedicated to Frontier's in-game events and on-going lore storytelling so I'm not holding my breath (inclusion of player stuff in Galnet was pretty much down to a lot of time, dedication and free reign from one or two members of staff and I think those times may well be behind us ... for now at least). That said this is absolutely ripe for inclusion in @Zac Cocken's events calendar which we should be seeing this year so big fingers crossed for that. And also much love and appreciation to the @Buur Pit along with other community new channels like Galnet, Loose Screws and Lave Radio for promoting our stuff.
Pending any last minute changes of mind it looks like we now have a full schedule for the championship as detailed below.
Please note the banners shown here are from the original races so the dates (and possibly other things like system names) will all be wrong and should be ignored.
Closer to the time of each race new banners will be published with correct dates, and new forum threads will be created containing all the updated rules for that race.

@MalForTheWin will run Full Throttle at Pareco in February.


@Brother Sabathius will run The Aquarian Job in March.


@G-Dubya will run Tunnel Vision in April.


@psykit will run On The Rocks in May.


@Raiko will run Se7en Sisters Speedway in June.


@Ozric will run Chicken Run in July.


@Ashnak will run Mischief Mile in August.


@Alec Turner will run The Last Gasp in September.


Woo Hoo!

Meanwhile don't forget that New Pilots Hustle is on right now and runs until next Sunday so if you're fed up hauling Computer Components and fancy a change of pace then you know what to do!

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Basically, how individual conversations get jumbled together. It gets to the point where I’m searching through dozens of pages of irrelevant posts, just to resume a conversation topic I’d been having the previous day.
I know Discord does have the notion of conversation "threads" these days to try and address that issue but to be honest I find them quite confusing. I think both Discord and the forum have their purpose. They're different sorts of conversation really. Discord is much more informal free flowing conversation with whoever happens to be around while the forums are more of a formal presentation of information and responses to that. There are some channels in the Buckyball Discord for things like announcements, hints tips, etc where general conversation is discouraged so it actually supports both quite well. Fear not tho' - there are no plans to abandon use of the forum as the primary source of information for individual races and a lot of the bigger dumps of post race analysis will still end up here too but you are missing out a little bit :( and I just hate the thought that you might miss a race altogether (Discord's sightly better at that too since things like race announcements go out with a ping to everyone so you'll always get a notification of something important). Either way stay subscribed to this thread as I'll post news of all the Magic 8 Ball championship races in here.
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If it helps any internet olds (like me) Discord is basically searchable editable IRC, with a better GUI, reactions, and GIFS.
Probably explains why I hate it. I hated using IRC, and avoided it like the plague. :p

In other news, my plan to gather mats in preparation for the first of the Magic 8 Ball race: run courier and salvage missions (ideally those that give materials) in a Viper that's engineered to have flight characteristics similar to the Regulation Viper, though armed and dangerous. When I run missions, I typically scan wakes when leaving stations, scan ships in Supercruise, and investigate interesting I run into along he way USS.

So far, I've flown my the Viper quite a bit, my Python numerous times (thanks to G5 materials and data rewards), and my Type-9 twice... for similar reasons. :)
Errrmmm... there won't be a regulation Viper. At least not unless one of the organizers adds it for their specific race. The general regulation ship for all races will be a Cobra Mk.III.
Missed that little tidbit of knowledge. Thanks for the heads up. (y)

The C3 is definitely my favorite ship, and more flexible than the Viper (which has sentimental value both in character and out). Time to take Slave of the Empire out of storage, and put a downgraded engine into it…

Once I get home from work, that is.

Edit: Where’s the info about the regulation C3? I can’t seem to find anything in the Opening Post.
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Back in the Bubble after a good little trip to the Formidine Rift and on to Decision Point at the rim's edge. I shall be partaking of as much racing as possible! I also joined the Discord earlier today so I too can be confused by the random conversations in there (I'm getting far too old for this...), and thanks to Raiko for answering my Regulation Ship build question so quickly. I see it's now posted above too 😁

Looking forward to earning my first Buckyball stripes. o7
Warming up for the first race.
Route ploted to 7 Andromedae to purchase my unnamed regulation Cobra.
Damn, only 1 jump away from pareco in my taxi, I won't even have time to think about it... Doesn't matter : it'll fly just as fast with fresh paint !

Question : I understand we should use a unique dedicated Regulation Cobra MK3 for all races, but I assume the open unlimited class isn't limited to a single ship thougout the whole event, and that we can fit and engineer a different ship of our liking for each race (of course I assume I should leave the seals on those pesky flight assist modules).
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