Community Event / Creation The Buckyball Racing Club Presents: Total Recall 3 (14th Dec - 22nd Dec, 3305)

Brilliant stuff @Bruski - can't wait to get started on this (later today hopefully). Really like the idea of picking from a selection of bases for the Unlimited course. It's going to be really fun trying to work out the optimal set of three, especially with the bonuses on offer for Schmitz and Tilley.
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Classic run submitted!
It was longer than I thought but my flyving has improved thanks to the Scully-Power 500 and I'm airborne more, which seems to help reduce the interruptions from Windows. Looking at my split times to get to 7.5km, it took me longest at Nespoli and shortest at Hooke but all the times were much better than I'd have manged only a week ago. Still get those 'death star' rocks once in a while, lucky I didn't hit any at speed so about 30% hull in one go was the worst.
Good luck everyone!
Wait ... what? ... no, that WAS my intent ... kinda ... err ... drat. 🤦‍♂️

Race Class: Unlimited
Ship type: Federal Corvette
Ship name: Shaye's Demise
SRV name: Suck It Blackwood

n.b. these details are subject to last minute change
Well, I did say it so I suppose I had to do it. Federal Corvette run submitted! This thing's an absolute pig to land and its jump range isn't really suited to this race at all so this will be my first and last run in this ship.

Oh, and by the way, including before and after SRV distance travelled is a bit pointless when one's distance is measured in light seconds I'm afraid.


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Main post updated with tips and tricks, raikograms, some more station images, and the unlimited course, with finalized bonuses!
First scoreboard update!

As dawn broke over Pond Reach, CMDR Edelgard von Rhein was seen zooming out of the docking bay, first to race in the newly opened Total Recall 3, careening over the craters nearby. She later managed to dodge an interdiction and found some time to sell exploration data passing through Nespoli Prospect. Turning in a time just slightly over 1 hour, she was the first to complete and submit a valid attempt and led the scoreboard for almost 3 hours before Shaye showed up.

That might've been due to the alignment of the planets though, as it took Shaye 4 attempts to get a passable run, due to various run-ins with interdictions and eclipses. However, when everything works, it worked very well, and he came in with a time closing in on 40 minutes. Improvements coming tomorrow?


In the unlimited class, SRV master Alec Turner has already done some optimization and chosen to risk the dangers of Schmitz, while hauling in a full-sized Federal Corvette. In spite of flying this slow ponderous beast, he almost managed to best Shaye's time in classic. Seems like his ship might still need a renaming though, switching to something else CMDR?


Further station shots and maps will be coming in the next few days, as supplier negotiations continue in the towers of Pond Reach, with the straining of suspensions and explosions of buggies forming a soothing background to the tense conversations. We'll see if Vac Lift's suspensions OR contracts survive the week.


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Well have a run but made a complete pigs ear of it. Still looking at both times submitted so far..well it could be worse (but not much). Will hold off submitting for now. This is one hell of a toughie....


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Just rocking up, casually, only slightly late ;)

Stating my intent to blind run the Regulation Cobra build.

CMDR Ozric
Ship Type: Cobra Mk.III
Race Class: Regulation
Ship Name: Gorgoneion
SRV Name: Little Blue Dune Buggy
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Gah! Insuffcient fuel for final boosted jump back to finish line after a really sweet DBX run including a great Schmitz Reach section and no obscured jumps. I even have REFUEL! written across the dashboard in bobblehead letters.
I didn't say you had to use a 6 ton tank in unlimited! 😛

Was heading back to Pond Reach after a refuel stop - came out of glide, the base vanished and I was thrown back into space. When I tried to retarget Pond Reach again it had vanished ... I mean, there was simply no longer a base down on the planet! :eek:

Quit and restarted the game (which restored the start/finish line - phew) and then headed out on aother run. Was looking OK until I got around 5.5km from Schmitz Reach and, well this bit of chat says it all really.

That's it from me for today ... zip, zilch, nada.
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When I said that I was going to do a blind run...

I also made a mistake and didn't look at my SRV disances, but it doesn't really matter because there were obscured jumps and 3 out of the 4 SRV runs were in pitch black, so it can get a lot better! I won't be able to run for a few more days though.

Pond Reach has some nice holoprojectors:
Very nice indeed!
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