The Pomeche Ridge Challenge: a standing SRV time trial in association with the Buckyball Racing Club

Aken B. is back again - taking three and half minutes off his previous time and leapfrogging Greytest to take 6th place on the Red run.

He's also posted the single most perfect meme image I think I've ever seen.

In our 37th scoreboard update since records began I'm delighted to announce that we have a new commander on the ridge - please welcome Cmdr Universallaie! Hot off the first stage of the Buur Pit's "Pit Trip" expedition and driving an SRV named Miss Daisy, Cmdr Universallaie has managed to complete the blue run in a time of 23 mins and 4 seconds. Bravo sir!

I imagine Cmdr Bra2s will be especially delighted by this news! 😄

Good luck with your ongoing assault on the ridge! And seriously, any successful run is a win as far as I'm concerned - congratulations!

Another competitor on ridge courtesy of the Buur Pit's "Pit Trip" expedition - commander Tomasson has engaged in a battle for last place with fellow Pit Tripper Universallaie and has claimed (South) pole position on the Blue with an excellent time of 23 mins 27 seconds and has also managed to complete the gnarly Red run with a final time of 49 mins 18 seconds.

Bravo commanders and thanks for taking the challenge!

Another quick scoreboard update ...

Probably the last of the Buur Pit Trippers (as the expedition has moved on to other waypoints now), Cmdr pSyren Farseer (another Buur Pit Tripper) turns in an excellent Blue run time of 18 mins 31 secs which puts her in 26th place overall but actually first out of the Buur Pit expedition entrants so congratulations commander!

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