"The Stones"

So, here's my run of events while the servers spin back up

The geology group captured a live Thargoid specimen, or, something. They pulled it from the Thargoid wreck.
They loaded it onto a megaship, which is now in Chukchan and is a ghost ship

In the logs, which i'll post once I'm back in, everyone's nervous about it.
Hot damn, this is from 3111






Hot damn, this is from 3111
All makes sense as a series of events, then - Thargoids around the Pleiades for a while, branch out to Coalsack in early 3100s, human scientists pick up one of their probes or sensors with the usual results ... later contacts end up with the first war 3125-3151, the Mycoid events probably cause them to abandon Coalsack along with the rest of the region.

Trying to take the sensor back home in an unshielded ship works about as well as expected for the Adamastor.

But the barnacles they've seeded of course persist, which lets the Thargoids come back now to use the site, since Pleiades and Witch Head are still a bit hot for them.

The question is whether there are any other nebulae they seeded at the same sort of time - if so they might now have matured in places like Veil or LBN 623 or Pipe/Stem too.
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