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Right... so got a Vive and deluxe head strap. Now I want to ditch work and stay at home playing. Omg being inside my ships is awesome! Little bit of motion sickness but that’s already getting better quick. Loving it!
Same, brain is like what are the eyes talking about, the rest of the body says we're not moving. I was doing fine until I dropped down low on the planet and started running some canyons. Was like whoa, had to slow it down...THEN, i landed and dropped the SRV. On that first at speed turn, my stomach dared me to make another one. I slowed down real quick LOL
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Old thread, I know, but seems the best place to post, so here I am...Is anyone using a Vive Pro with a GTX 1070? I've been playing ED with a standard Vive for three years or so, and it's been working well with my GTX 1070. I can't drive it on the highest settings, but it looks pretty good for what it is. I'd like to upgrade to the Vive Pro, particularly since Amazon has it on sale for $200 off (though it's still overpriced, IMO), but I don't want to spring for both a new graphics card and a new headset both at this time. So, I'm wondering how my 1070 will handle the increased resolution, until I can upgrade to a 2070 or 2080. TIA!
You might ask CylonSurfer over at the Valve Index thread what does he think of Vive Pro w/lens mod vs Valve Index (he has both). And you can get standalone Index hmd for far far less than a Vive pro, because you can use the existing Vive 1.0 lighthouses. I did that with mine and can confirm they are working perfectly.

As for 1070 - IDK, really, but it was pretty good at running the Vive. You will appreciate the resolution bump and clarity bump for sure, not to mention the off-ear audio. As for the controllers, they are a bit overhyped and currently have a stick flaw. Advice: go for standalone index HMD, it should be $499 I believe? As for graphics card, shockingly the new Navi Radeon 5700XT is a pretty sweet price to performance ratio at the moment, it's close to 1080Ti in performance. I didn't compare directly to super cards, but still taking the money you SAVED on Vive pro ;-) you can have both IMHO.
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Thanks StarLightPL. Unfortunately, as much as I like the looks of the Valve gear, I cut the cord on my Vive last December, and I don't think I could go back to being tethered (a cord isn't so bad for ED where I'm sitting down, but it's not so great for room-scale games). So, at this point, it's the Vive Pro (plus $60 wireless mounting kit 😡) or stay with my existing headset. I'll check out the Radeon card though, and I do plan to upgrade my controllers to the Valve Index in the near future!
I don't think I could go back to being tethered
SweViver was saying the same thing ;-) and then he discovered wide-fov Pimax ;-) Suddenly the tether wasn't an issue anymore :D But yeah if you already invested in wireless, then it's not a logical way to take a "step back". I can't say much about Vive pro image because I never seen one in person, but like said the Index thread has a few people who do have them and can compare. Dr. Kaiiii doesn't like the index for example. I love the clarity on this thing and the fact that I can use my eyes to look around, not my head. Vertical FOV is nothing to sneeze at, too, horizontal FOV is an upgrade but not groundbreaking like Pimax (but Pimax also has steep hardware requirements).

As for the controllers, like said wait a bit till Valve sorts their own poo, the thumbstick issue might be overblown, but that's not something you would expect from a 308€ controllers. I mean they are refreshing, and a massive upgrade over viwands, but compared to oculus touch for example, it's only a slight bump in QoL. Finger tracking feature, although cool, isn't that much useful. The most appealing thing is the hand attachment method. Playing beat saber with these babies is bliss. They would be perfect if not for the dreaded el cheapo joystick they put on them.

As for gfx cards, consider also nvidia's super, like mentioned. I'm on GTX 1080Ti so I am not following them closely (waiting for the 7nm RTX launch somewhere in the future). But from what I read the new Navi Radeon 5700XT is pretty solid (and relatively cheap) alternative to Nvidia, at last. And it's completely overshadowed by new Ryzen launch, sadly.

Have fun with your future VR headset, whatever you might end up with. Hmmm... how much was Rift S again? :D It has inside out tracking and you can sell your Vive setup :p
Since the last update, the 'lock camera to horizon' option seems to have vanished. I relied on that to quell nausea when driving the SRV. Does anyone know what happened?
I have Aorus GTX 1080Ti water cooled, i7 6700k clocked to 4.6GHz, 16Gb 3000MHz RAM, 128 SSD, using HTC Vive + wireless adaptor and still FPS crap in stations/other locations. Grrr sure it must be something with frontier every other game I play no issues.
I gave up trying to optimize my vive on a 1080 using edprofiler and just enabled the 'Vr High' Profile in game. Seems the screen door affect isn't going away. The best thing that has helped me is the HUD color. I've found the top option on the no2o thread (olive green, orange/red) to be the best for text readability.
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