The Xbox One Screenshots Thread

Discovered water geysers and fumeroles out in the Sagittarius-Carina Arm region yesterday. Is it just my luck or are these things pretty rare. First Ive found anyways. They were on a moon with water magma, temp right on 237k or 0c. These usually always seem to be silicate vapour geysers or something of the sort.

The tiny brown moon had the first biological signals I've found in a few weeks.

Gravitational lensing by a neutron star 170 ls away.

Black hole.
I take it you're on the X1X, your screenies are so much sharper than mine. I think I'll have to crowbar the wallet open sometime soon.
Man that xboxdvr trick is awesome. Been hosting my screens on my own site recently.

Here's a great shot of my first binary pair of ELWs I found recently somewhere in Norma Arm

Another ELW shot

Neat shot of my ship in the glow of a neutron star

The first Water Giant I can remember finding... are these rare? I have no idea.

Some Rubeum Metallic Crystals I found in Inner Orion Spur someplace
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