Patch Notes Update Update 1.1.03 incoming

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@Michael Any ETA on a fix for the bug preventing players from purchasing and fitting any equipment?
It's currently holding up a huge number of player's games.
Great news Ed, thanks for the information. I should be able to sell my cartographic data now and start playing again.
I was really hoping to see a fix for the unclaimable bounties. I saw that this was a big problem all over the forums, but still nothing huh.
Please, remember the station's name changes and the bulletin board missions showing the older names. A little confusing...
My station commodity market is still displaying the wrong information about economy / wealth / size / regime / etc - was this not supposed to have been fixed on some 1.1.x patch?
Great! Thanks for the update! Really delighted to see how fast FD is putting out those small patches!

- Update NPC database
I am really curious what this means: do we indeed already have persistent NPCs? Or did you only add a few new names to your pool for random NPCs?
Hi everyone,

Thanks to your continued feedback, update 1.1.03 is scheduled for deployment at 4PM GMT today. The servers should be down for a short while (maximum of 30 minutes) to allow us to implement the changes. See the list of changes below:

- Don’t crash if an invalid system token is accessed in cartographics store
- Prevent crash if scanning and ship dies
- Fix crash opening station services menu with invalid parameter
- Fix case of station flipping and possibly causing mysterious player deaths near station entrance
- Commanders completing a major faction rank-up mission who have already earned enough skill to reach another rank-up mission can now see that mission immediately, rather than having to complete a regular mission in between the rank-up missions
- Fix ampersand appearing incorrectly in mission dialog panel
- Better layout for when community goal tiers are close together in mission dialog
- Fix missing lift audio
- Fix bass in supercruise issue
- Fix repeating docking computer alert audio
- Fix very quiet landing gear audio
- Fix exploration music cutting out unexpectedly and playing a new piece of music immediately after
- Update NPC database
- Various text fixes

Thanks again!
cool.keep it up
Yeah, was kind of hoping the 401 was going to be fixed in a hotfix yester eve, but no.

And again nothing on the 401 today. Kind of crippling, not being able to change any of my ships layouts :/
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