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Note posted at 17:00 - Fleet Carrier jump times have greatly increased. This is a deliberate queue-management feature built-in as a server safeguard. We expect many Commanders are jumping simultaneously to experience the jumps from the inside! We expect a return to normal levels once this initial spike in excitement dissipates.

For anyone unable to Disembark on their Fleet Carriers, please trying re-logging and restarting the game client. Apologies to anyone inconvenienced or unable to resolve the issue this way. We are aware and investigating.


Greetings Commanders,

Update 11 has arrived! Since Elite Dangerous’ inception, Commanders yearned to stand and walk on planets throughout the Milky Way which Odyssey has delivered. Now it’s time to sit down once again, put those feet up, and enjoy one of the most glorious views in the game from the inside: a Fleet Carrier jump.

This release also brings a range of fixes and features including the brand new Protect mission type. If you’re up for the challenge, these missions will demand more of Commanders than previous types. Read all about them and everything else in Update 11 below:

Fleet Carriers
Interiors have been added to Fleet Carriers to enjoy on-foot. These include:

Main Areas
  • A main concourse and hangar lobby.
  • A Command Deck with an additional area for the owner and their Wing.
  • A seating area for safe Fleet Carrier jumps.
Optional Areas & Services
  • Bar
  • Vista Genomics service desk
  • Pioneer Supplies store
  • Shipyard access point (included with the Shipyard service)
Other Fleet Carrier Changes
  • On-foot access to the shipyard is now available (added automatically if the Shipyard service is enabled).
  • Service tariffs can now be set individually, allowing control of each service’s costs (Universal Cartographics and Vista Genomics do not use the tariff system).
  • The Fleet Carrier Livery has been moved into the same environment as Outfitting.
  • The Fleet Carrier Livery now includes a number of concourse themes.
  • A small amount of random delay was added for landing pads retracting during jump prep for aesthetics.
  • The Fleet Carrier section of the Pilot's Handbook now describes new features and how to use the new bartender functionality.
  • A lack of notifications for Fleet Carrier jumps until 10 seconds beforehand was fixed.
It is now possible to sit in all chairs and barstools found on all concourses (albeit one at a time).

  • New “Protect” missions ask Commanders to defend against criminals attacking delivery routes. These missions pose a new challenge in both combat difficulty (teammates recommended) and time-response required. To account for these, factions will offer higher sums than usual.
  • Fixed an issue where missions could be repeatedly abandoned to produce a strong negative influence on the faction offering.
  • Fixed an issue with shared missions not displaying correctly when in a failed state.
  • Changed the settlement mission givers’ compass icon to match the concourse mission giver icon to distinguish between new missions givers and existing mission targets.
  • Fixed a legal Collection mission asking you to collect an illicit item. Naughty.
  • Fixed some incorrect text in a Sabotage mission.
  • Added the new cargo loader used in the new Protect missions to various settlements.
  • Fixed a control point being inaccessible at a specific settlement type during Conflict Zones.
  • Fixed corpses clipping through the floor.
  • Added and adjusted ammo crate positions to improve distribution.
  • Floating consumable boxes were brought back down to Earth (or relevant body).
  • The on-foot friendly-fire system has been extended to include turrets, skimmers, and ships.
  • Attacking an enemy dropship can no longer cause a friendly settlement to become hostile.
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer whereby throwing a grenade consumed multiple grenades (that didn’t seem fair).
  • Slightly reduced how much power the Scorpion’s Surge Repeated consumes allowing for longer runs of sustained fire at full accuracy.
Codex: Pilot’s Handbook
  • The Fleet Carrier guide was updated to include the new concourse services and functions.
  • Missing images when accessing some articles via the Insight Hub were replaced.
Codex: Knowledge Base
  • The following articles have been added:
  • Aegis
  • The Consortium
  • Generation Ships
  • Pilots' Federation
  • Several entries under “Corporations”
  • Ishmael Palin’s entry was updated.
  • The Guardians section saw a terminology correction.
  • Fixed some broken UI sounds in outfitting weapon and suit cosmetics.
  • Fixed broken main menu button sounds under Controls and Extras.
  • Fixed broken UI sounds in the player character creation screen.
  • Fixed mix issues on the Scorpion SRV deploy and stow sounds.
  • Fixed various Fleet Carrier management screen audibility and mix issues.
  • Fixed an issue where the Apex radio comms voice, heard when taxi drivers request landing clearance, gets stuck.
  • Fixed the fridge sounds behind the bar areas sometimes being loud.
  • Fixed mix issues on the turbo lifts in social spaces.
  • Fixed inaudible UI sounds in the on-foot Shipyard menus
  • Fixed the continuous tinkling Supercruise flyby sound when on another player's ship.
  • Fixed a transition on the Galaxy Map music.
  • Fixed issues when disembarking on foot from either SRV type.
  • Fixed the sound of flying through the rings in the ship tutorial.
  • Fixed the rotating loading screen animation on some menus being silent.
  • Fixed the cinematic when purchasing a Fleet Carrier being silent.
  • Fixed the “back” action in Carrier Livery to no longer be silent.
  • The Cargo Loader and cargo canisters were added for Protect missions.
  • Small settlement landing pads schematics were enlarged to aid navigation and landing.
  • LOD issues on various doors and screens were fixed.
  • The offset Livery camera for the Python was fixed.
  • Non-tinted colours of beverage materials were fixed.
  • A hitcheck issue on the Krait Mk II Raider ship kit, preventing some weapons from firing was fixed.
  • Hitcheck issues on the Fer-de-Lance underside were fixed.
  • A missing hitcheck on the underside of the dome seen in Agricultural settlements was added.
  • Multiple hitcheck issues on legacy planet settlement objects were fixed.
  • Ship landing gear was adjusted to render more pleasingly.
  • The door glass shader in Agricultural settlements was adjusted to tint glass correctly.
  • Electricae scatter assets now have been subtly colour-adjusted, using LUT data from the planet surface to recolour them.
  • The warning light in the Beluga cockpit now emits from an apparent source.
  • A material issue on a laboratory workbench was fixed.
  • Z-lighting on decals at a Thargoid Imprint was fixed.
  • Adjusted high tech doors to slide open without intersecting.
  • Fixed floating rocks at a Thargoid ship crash site.
  • Improved the alignment of thrusters on the nose of the Cobra Mk IV
  • Fixed the glow on collectables at Guardian sites when approached in an SRV.
  • Fixed an occlusion issue seen from the hangar lobby of some Industrial stations.
  • The glow of activated Guardian pylons was made more visible.
  • Fixed the incorrect appearance of some AI feet and torsos.
  • Fixed suits and visors rendering in-front of particle VFX.
  • Fixed misaligned text on Fleet Carrier nameplates and decals.
  • Fixed scatter rock appearing black on planet surfaces from a distance.
  • Fixed the cockpit view rendering over the Galaxy Map.
  • Checkerboard rendering is now automatically applied to low, medium, and high quality graphics settings. This option will reduce the cost of the planet terrain shader when in close proximity to a landable planet.
  • Truncation issues on the Ship panel of the right-hand internal panel were fixed.
  • Text colouring on the ship boarding panel was fixed.
  • The layout of the search results in the Galaxy Map when missions exist in bookmarked systems was fixed.
  • Text resizing to the item/emote wheel so letter wrap correctly was added.
  • Focusing behaviour for the staff list on terminals was fixed.
  • Filters at the Pioneer Supplies vendor when buying/selling a weapon on suit were fixed, preventing new items which don’t match the filters being shown.
  • An issue on the multicrew report popup that would cause multiple crew members to be selected at once was fixed.
  • Rank animations were adjusted to display the correct ranks.
  • An icon was added to the radar to display powered-down recharge stations.
Performance and Optimisation
  • Unnecessary operations were reduced in the humanoid HUD markers system.
  • Fixed cases of shadows flickering from directional lights.
  • All visual effects at settlements will now adjust to graphics settings.
  • Selecting graphic pre-sets now correctly applies super resolution values with FSR.
  • Other rendering optimisations:
  • Reduced the workload for maintaining avatars while they are not visible.
  • Ensured planet-related systems do not perform unnecessary work when in space.
  • Miscellaneous optimisations to lighting and colour grading.
  • Fixed some incorrect text in a Theft mission.
  • Fixed an issue where a faction would sometimes target themselves for a Hacking mission.
  • Fixed an issue where some missions expire but not correctly fail.
  • Fixed Salvage missions failing to have the relevant item for the mission.
  • Fixed the spawning of mission givers for the hand-in of missions taken from a settlement.
Server & Stability
  • Fixed Stygian paint jobs appearing as the wrong colour on the Cobra Mk IV.
  • Fixed a Black Adder server error when deploying a second fighter from the ship.
  • Fixed some black markets not being activated during Civil Unrest.
  • Fixed a crash while embarking/disembarking at settlements.
  • Fixed a crash when dying during the tutorial.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while jumping to hyperspace/Supercruise while trespassing.
Issue Tracker Fixes
  • Fixed issues with ships not inheriting the spin of stations when undocking with Flight Assist off and Auto-Launch on, resulting in rapid spinning and collisions.
  • Fixed issues with not being able to collect resources from Crystalline Structures.
  • The brightness and flickering when mining icy asteroids was reduced.
  • Fleet Carrier tariffs (as described in the Odyssey Fleet Carrier section) were made backwards compatible.
  • Some stability fixes were added.
  • An incorrect string when selecting the Multi-Limpet Controller in Outfitting was fixed.
  • Hairstyles displaying incorrectly in Holo-Me were fixed.
  • Crew voices changing upon re-launch of the game or switching modes was fixed.
  • Fleet Carrier nameplates and decals appearing off-centre was fixed.
  • A lack of notifications for Fleet Carrier jumps until 10 seconds beforehand was fixed.

That’s a wrap for Update 11! We hope you enjoy all of the above and get to experience a Fleet Carrier jump from your owner’s chair or the viewing deck in the near future.

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Our new year present is arriving, hurrah!
Going to be exciting to see how it all is onboard the carrier. Awesome. o7

(PS, we still need to have a more grown up talk about how bad the Galaxy map tooling works in EDO, but that for later)
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