Patch Notes Update Update 3.0.5

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Dear Frontier

Since this patch I notice a right hand animation for "yaw". The joystick animation for the right hand shows a right / left move during yaw.

the problem is: I use VR and a pedal to yaw and my hand is not moving like this. This animation is very annoying and kills immersion for pedal owners.

-> I suggest a additional option in graphics below the "disable idle hand animation" like this "yaw animation" -> [OFF / RIGHT HAND / ... (maybe later on (PEDAL)].

I play ED because it is the best VR game and immersion is very important to me. An option to disable/control this hand animation would be great.

Thank you devs!
What about those with dual sticks in VR? Or gamepads? Or perhaps SpaceMouse? Or with a Left Handed HOTAS setup? Or throttle with a paddle which could be used for either roll or yaw?

There are many different possibilities where the real world controls are concerned and it is perhaps a bit unrealistic to expect FD to represent every possible control system in the virtual environment.

Further more, if you look at the controls of SRVs and space craft you should notice a difference there too.

The only viable option IMO would be to turn off the visualisation of the control system but that may look even weirder.

[EDIT]Speaking as a VR user with a HOTAS Warthog setup and forward only throttle system (no twist option nor peddles), I personally find the system (VR environment control visualisation) fine as-is and does not significantly impact on immersion IMO.[/EDIT]
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The problem with the Galaxy Map crash everytime it is used issue is that some of us like myself don't suffer from it at all, which means that it is not going to be simple to lock down what causes it.
I fixed the Galaxy Map crash when I updated my graphics card drivers. ymmv
After being away from ED for some 7 weeks due to the galmap crash i decided on a whim to just try it with latest drivers, made no difference so the instant CTD still exists.
What graphics card, OS, and drivers are you using?

It is rare I have encountered a crash in ED and even rarer that the crash is reliably repeatable.

FTR I have a 1080 Ti, Win10 Pro, and latest NVidia drivers here.

If using Steam, have you tried validating your game cache - that has cured some unexplained crashes for me in the past.
After being away from ED for some 7 weeks due to the galmap crash i decided on a whim to just try it with latest drivers, made no difference so the instant CTD still exists.
Last played in the first half of May - after several updates of windows and my graphic card drivers I decided to give the game another go today. Second time I accessed the GalMap the game crashed to desktop.

The FDevs should hand out Steam Gift cards or something like that until this is fixed :D ;)

Nah. Just fix this :)
Definitely needs to be fixed, just updated my system with a new hard drive etc and the crash is almost gone and only crashes less than 10% of the time now so that's a massive improvement so i'm back in the game [big grin]
Thnx, i know: truth hurts
Except it is far from the truth - lots has changed since release but you will need access to Horizons to fully benefit or appreciate what has changed. Sure the pace of development may seem to be slower than some may like it to be but it is an extreme distortion of the truth to claim that nothing of value has changed since release.

I also expect that any additional major gameplay changes (other than basic QoL tweaks to existing features) will be locked behind some form of expansion based premium wall.
I was under the impression that today was the day for the "update" rather than just a patch.
I was expecting a new ship and whatever other stuff FDev had planned.

Still, as has become my routine after any update since 3.0, I started the game, pressed the galmap button and I didn't get a CTD.

If it turns out they've managed to fix that (for me, at least) then I might start playing more regularly again.
A game that's unstable just isn't worth playing, unfortunately. [sad]
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