Patch Notes Update Update 3.1.3

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In the past, we usually get three minor updates after a major update, and then updates stop until the next major update. I hope you'll reconsider this approach, as there are still many bugs that remain unfixed. I'll happily accept 3.1.4 next week, and 3.1.5 the following week, etc. as long as is necessary to fix everything in the "known issues" list (which itself is incomplete).

Thank you!
THIS! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Paul, can you please show this feedback to "the powers that be"?

The game servers are going down every week anyway..
Add a little extra time for the patches and we have a win-win situation

We all know that the list of “things to fix” is long. By regular (and scheduled!) patching, you’ll show to the whole userbase that FDEV didn’t forget them

Keep up the good work!


Could you please schedule patches and keep the unscheduled patches to a bare minimum?
They are not what we call, nice surprises..

An example of a nice surprise:
FDEV sending a CMDR a nice gift pack because of giving the best feedback

An example of a not so nice surprise:
Desperately wanting to play Elite and not able to because the servers go suddenly & unannounced down for patching..
Fixed Thargoid Massacre and Illegal Massacre missions not spawning USS's when they should

Weee boiii!. Am I doing it right?
Thank you team, really appreciate the job ! keep on pushing :)

Edit, running cmd, typing " ipconfig /flushdns " did it

Thx Brett C
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"Fixed an issue where NPCs were not aligning with the correct side and engaging in Powerplay Military Strike Zones"

Just in time, after we (Hudson) lost our expansion because of this bug...
Is the powerplay CEASFIRE bug fixed too, cause i don´t mind if npcs fight the right side when for me there is only ceasfire???

SOON --- no powerplay combat zones this week so no test, its a way too

Hoooraay for fixing other stuff
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