Patch Notes Update Update 3.1.3

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My upgrade froze about half-way. I stopped the download and lo and behold the "Play" button was ready.
I've tried stopping and restarting 3 times and the same happens each time. I've even turned the computer off and back on and its still stuck right at the end of the Sync Files bar. Its been there for over an hour now. :-(
Greetings, i'm grateful for this update, but i need to report a bug. I was flying my Type 9 and i get this bug where my FSD doesn't charge, i have to quit to menu then i get back on the cockpit and it charges fast. I got blown up because of it. Just wanted to report this. Thank you so much for this amazing game. It's not just a game to me, it's a way of life, it's perfect. Ready Player One movie expresses my feelings well. I recommend you guys watch it. The Elite Dangerous universe will always be remembered by future generations, as the first virtual space simulator. That's a huge thing. I'm honored to be a part of this Elite of star fighters. Semper Fi.
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Fixed Thargoid Massacre and Illegal Massacre missions not spawning USS's when they should.

Picked up 4 kill thargoid inteceptor/cyclops from this last resue ship. First one I did spawned a thargoid 1st drop into the uss. Second mission Im 0/8 on a thargoid being present. I guess this patch didnt fix this exact bug.
I have mentioned it before the devs should STOP all current work and content, and concentrate on FIXING everything
So what I vote for is we get the two extremes together in the same room, the "stop all development now and fix bugs!" and the "Space legs now!" groups, let them fight it out until only one is left, then when he comes out of the room we quickly toss him out of the space lock and let FDEV get on with it.
Still no fix for consoles where more than 2 SRVs will crash the game!!

C'mon FDEV - as mentioned above it's killing wings, meetups etc...
Hopped on here to see if this was fixed and, if not, to complain. This is a pretty annoying issue, especially if you want to do Guardian missions with 2-3 other people.
I don't even play on console but the fact you still havent fixed the SRV thing bugs me, seriously guys pull it out and fix that ASAP it should be top priority, a critical function of your game does not work.
Let's see the same quick response we saw with the guardian boosters recently.

Thank you. I have this game on PC and console, but all my friends play it on console. It's really frustrating to not be able to do Guardian missions with them.
So much for hoping for those little unannounced or ‘surprise’ fixes; I can still hear that annoying “HELLO” during the Krait MK II boost sequence.
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