Patch Notes Update Update 3.2.1

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Hi all,

We will be taking the galaxy servers down Thursday the 6th September from 8AM (BST). They will be down for approximately 10-40 minutes.


Fixes and Improvements


Alliance Challenger, Chieftain & Crusader
  • Fixed various visual issues with hardpoints.
Lance Guardian Fighter
  • Addressed an overheating issue when firing
Weapons & Modules
  • Fixed large missile racks being unable to resupply ammunition using synthesis
I was hoping new Guardian SLFs would also get immunity from caustic clouds and Thargoid weapons passing through their shields, since the hull is weak. Nice to see the heat issue fixed on the Lance.
I think a little transparency and telling us exactly what is causing the crash would go a long way.

I'm not asking for a fix here; I'm asking for some honesty as to why the console game is broken.
Most of the time, figuring out what and why is the hard part. Difficult bugs usually spend their longest time in that phase.
does this mean we can have more than 2 SRV's in one instance without getting red ring on xbox? no idea what broke that but fixing that game-play would help a lot
Any Idea on when the the following will be fixed?

Allocated landing pads may have an NPC already on it
System Security may attack each other
Destroying NPCs power plant has no effect
Two ships may spawn in the same landing pad at the same time
Massacre pirates mission - not correctly displaying as "mission target"
Thargoid Hearts may stop taking damage when attacked by a wing of Cmdrs

I mean come on FD, these have been reported over and over.

That powerplant bug is waaaaaack
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