Patch Notes Update Update 3.2.1

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Only the fixes included in the post are 100% confirmed for the update. I've edited out the 'SRV' part to avoid further confusion. The team are aware of the issue with SRV's and actively investigating but there is no update on a solution just yet.
What about SRV rolling around when Guardians drones shooting at it? It's annoying!
What about SRV rolling around when Guardians drones shooting at it? It's annoying!
It's intended. Apart from the buffeting, the drone cannon do little damage, so they're probably using some equivalent of the force shell effect.

If you want some fun, equip force shell cannon and go after small ships :D
Hi all,

We will be taking the galaxy servers down Thursday the 6th September from 8AM (BST). They will be down for approximately 10-40 minutes.


Fixes and Improvements


Alliance Challenger, Chieftain & Crusader
  • Fixed various visual issues with hardpoints.
Lance Guardian Fighter
  • Addressed an overheating issue when firing
Weapons & Modules
  • Fixed large missile racks being unable to resupply ammunition using synthesis
What a fantastic list of fixes. Have you looked into the NPC 0% powerplant bug, by any chance?
Nice to see the crusader clipping issues are fixed with this patch, even though I didn't care to really look at them and just saw the overblown threads about it and all their salty implications.
add to that
- Game crashing when in an SRV for a longtime
- getting a fine when you get rammed by a beluga (my speed at ZERO)
- Station blowing you up when you try to shoot a Thargoid near the station (mind blowing)
Maybeeeee... they’re going to do lots of mini fixes, which has ingratiated the players of a certain other space game. I’d prefer more small changes that actually worked...
add to that
- Station blowing you up when you try to shoot a Thargoid near the station (mind blowing)
Stations are "no-fire zones", so that sounds fair. Unless the Thargoid has already disabled the station's defenses (so it can't blow YOU up), you should not fire your weapons at the Thargoid.

Just saying.
I can't believe I'm going to do this but I am going to launch into a diatribe against FDev.
What are you thinking when you create SLFs that we need to enter into a major grindfest to unlock only to find that the free AX SLFs are in fact much better?
After we have earned the damned things the hard way shouldn't they work out better then the free to purchase SLFs available everywhere?

What is all the fuss about balance for crying out loud?
I don't want balance. I want to be able to spend extra time, effort or credits to be able to outshoot, outwit, outmanouvre, outlast or just plain outrun my opponents. Otherwise what's the point of all that grind if all I get is a bit more "Oooh shiny"?

Now get your acts together and fix those stupid GSLFs.

Hmmm what is frontier developer fora team? Are they alcoholic? Or what?? Could we get sfrom now on clear update? I know it’s not easy but come on you are professional developers guys
Greetings to all (you salty) fellow commanders,

While I sympathize with those who feel frustration at the problems that exist,
remember that we really have no idea of the nature of difficulty they are having.
They are indeed trying to create a simulated universe, which must be a herculean task.

I do know from personal experience that sometimes even the simplest of tasks can have
humongous amount of difficulties and I've made mistakes aplenty (I'm sure if you take some time
off to reflect, you can recall some really dumb mistakes you've made).

So let's all chill out and give FDev the benefit of the doubt (as we should everyone),
especially since we really don't know the inside situation.

I still think ED is overall a great game

Cheers to all

Anything that makes the game more stable and fixes bug/issues no matter how small can only be a good thing. At least frontier unlike bigger games companies (ea for example) continues to sort their games instead of abandoning them (battlefield 3) and continues to make the game playable online.
Of course it is. They have to prioritize fixes based on need vs. labor investment required.

There are bugs that predate the PC release of the game that are still around!
Ah you are forgetting if they fix "ALL" the bugs they make themselves unemployed ;)
Whilst true I'm surprised there's been no comments on why the fixes are only pew-pew related, but then it is early in the life of the thread :)
This put simply is pressure from Pew-Pew'rs "Я" us ;) you can join for free select OPEN and get more of what you want sooner
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