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I have been hunting down Scouts in LHS 283 for the last four days with NHSS ranging from level 3 to 8. Since the update there are only level 7 treats, all Medusas. I have been in this system for over 2 hours with two of my friends in a wing. We tried to kill several Medusas, no luck! We are all 3 combat Elite with each well over 1000hrs game time and only managed to kill the first heart after half an hour in the instance. FDev, have you nerfed the Medusas or the guardian weapons? They don*t seem to do much damage at all. BTW one of my fellow commanders brought two of the new Guardian fighters. They seem to be about as useless as the AX Taipan! Purely cosmetic, with no real effect! This means I will skip all the Guardian Fighter grind in this "update" and try to find something else to do instead.

Back to the NHSS, are they supposed to be all Medusas?

Also, I have bought the Crusader and must say I am more than underwhelmed. I thought if the add a fighter bay it may become a little bit heavier and therefore a little bit slower than the two other Alliance ships and I was right with my assumption. I also thought that they might add another weapons slot to balance out the additional weight and give it more shields. Boy was I wrong. One M size weapons slot has been removed, so only three S slots 2 M slots and one L slot. Why? Also the Challenger has two size 6 slots and the Crusader has only a size 6 and a size 5. Why? This means I can either only have a size 5 hangar bay and a size 6 shield, or I have a size 6 fighter bay and a size 5 shield. Why?

The Crusader is utterly unnecessary as there is already a size M ship that is better in ANY way, the Krait! I sincerely hope you guys at Frontier put your brains together when you are designing the Krait Phantom and don´t make it a disappointment like the Crusader. At least the Crusader has been given a spoiler at the rear, that makes up for everything I guess;-)
I see from the bug reports pouring in the forum that Fdev didn't test this build before release...

What kind of moron(s) don't test their product before release? Obviously Fdev...

Hell, Johnson & Johnson tests their products before putting them on the shelf and they mainly produce baby products. Could you imagine the false advertising lawsuits of a "no more tears" formula that makes your baby tear up?! It's seems Fdev likes the tears of their customers trying to play their "new" content but can't because of buggy new and old features. [haha]

Or... Fdev is farming salt from those tears... [tinfoilhat]

Hey now - no reason to get nasty!

There is NO serious video game that is free from all bugs.

And honestly, some bugs only pop up when tens of thousands of people start using the code.

So yeah, I get you are super frustrated, but really these guys do care about their product so please let's not resort to insults...

Instead, I recommend focusing on the disappointment that more testing wasn't done, and how they could have tested to find the bugs ahead of time.
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Dear FD,

In spite of the salt, and tears, and grief, I would like you to know that some of us appreciate your efforts.

I have enjoyed the game since launch. I was enjoying the game last week and I am enjoying the game post update. Well done, and keep up the good work. Thank you!
New player here, started to day after the downtime. Can someone point me to the most current manual for newcomers? Am a bit overwhelmed with this game hahaha[woah]
So, it took you all this time to add Large Dumpfire/seeker missiles... took you guys over 2 years to do this, is there a reason why you work as fast as a frozen snail? Based on your reputation I really couldn't expect you to really care that much :(. May I suggest you to improve the current game before adding new content like new ships?, focus on getting the game more fun to play and give us a great motivation to play, right now it feels so dead, the credits have no value anymore, people don't care that much anymore to be honest.
Nice update as usual FDev. Thanks. I've noticed framerates have improved also. Helpful for my laptop setup. And like the added new holo display billboards. o7
However, when one sees fixes to paint jobs being done before bug fixes, it raises hackles.
Paint jobs are for those that use them, a convenience, a nice to have, an way to play dress up my ship. Game bugs on the other hand effect all players...
Paint jobs are done by the art team, not the coding team. Different people, with a different skillset.

I'd say it's a smart thing they're not trying to have the art team try to fix bugs. Otherwise hilarity would ensue.
Paint jobs are done by the art team, not the coding team. Different people, with a different skillset.

I'd say it's a smart thing they're not trying to have the art team try to fix bugs. Otherwise hilarity would ensue.
Art team does the art, but the interaction with damage still lies in code. Often times, it's not about size of the bug, but ease of coding it out. Telling a decal or graphical layer to ignore damage would be much easier than stopping a crash from happening.

To that end, another bug I've notcied... When you transfer cargo from the SRV (like salvage canisters, the SRV still acts like the cargo bay is full, even though it is showing empty in the inventory.
Its just me or patch notes are getting shorter each year on?
Previously they released full Changelogs from repositories, now marketing people gather data and report what they know. This means all small nitty fixes most likely gonna be not appear in notes.

Also Q2 and Q3 are smaller releases obviously.
So the solution to the Krait antenna cockpit view not matching the external model was to remove the inernal view of the antenna, not add it to the external model.

Pity we couldn’t have a Serenity moment of it flying off during the first Glide after the patch :)

”What was that?”
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