What did you do in Planet Zoo today?

Worked on the Hippo Community Challenge. Since they need so much space, I've found that I tend to decorate the front of the habitat (with guests), and then just give them a large open area in back.
I made a habitat for Southern cassowaries and started working on the habitat for saltwater crocodiles. I also played with the terrain and used "roughen terrain" tool and it does wonders. I really like the natural-looking slopes you can create. I'm usually awful with shaping the terrain so this makes me happy.

Oh and Frontier, please, please, please, let us have more wall murals in the future. I cannot stress this enough, they are easily becoming one of my favorite scenery pieces.




Got to 200 births in the community challenge in my "Well-fed, Well-fed Hippos" zoo (because I don't let mine go hungry!). I may or may not get a chance to play again before the challenge ends, but once it's done I'll begin figuring out how to trade them over time. Even with all of those, I still haven't gotten a perfect 400 rated hippo, which was one of my goals.

Along the way, I did manage to catch up on a few planet zoo youtube videos (although I've still got a queue a mile long!)
Finally made the Hyena Enclosure in my Forest Zoo big enough trough adding a second Outdoor-Area on the opposite Side of the normal Outdoor-Enclosure. Then I've decorated the Side of it that is next to the Path to the Indoor-Enclosure so the Guests won't just see a empty Wall there. Then after some Time the Game started again to freeze sometimes while building which really annoyed me, so I've closed the Game without finishing to decorate the Area and played another Game. I really hope we will get the next Update soon and that it will fix this Problem.

I've also had a Idea how Guests could interact with Tigers (of course without entering the Enclosure). My Idea was that they are on a elevated Area where a Rope leads down to the Enclosure. The Fence would be high there so no one will accidentally fall into the Enclosure. The Guests would be able to wiggle the Rope around in the Hope that the Tigers will play with it. Then I thought about how they would maybe slam against the Fence with their Body when a Tiger interacts with it, so I decided that it isn't such a good Idea as I thought before. But maybe it would work with a smaller Species.

Took the time today to create a proper / decent off show barn. Sometimes it's the simple things that make us happy.
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Looks good even though the Design is relatively simple. I like the Door of the Barn
Over the week, i build some things for "Fuhsetal Zoo"

Last Sunday:
Behind the Reptile House i added Zebras and Springbocks in very simple Enclosures. In the background I have to add trees, bushes and buildings and the meshfance at the Springbock Enclosure needs to be edited.

Over the week:
I had not much time. My Guinea Pig Girl was ill and i had to force-feed her all 3h (she is fine now - lucky me!)
I build the giant otter habitat with two several zones for Summer and Winter. Its double sized (like the Flamingo Habitat), maybe we get some day functional slide doors.

On Saturday:
I add one! (a second is planed) Jaguar Habitat.

...and the roof for the giant otters

Yesterday will follow, i forgot to take pictures 😂
I finished my seal habitat for the most part. At first as I mentioned I was not to happy with it but as I’ve learned if you detail it and spend the time the results can be pretty spectacular. One mistake I made was building the exhibit right in back of my elephant exhibit and not giving myself a whole lot of room to work with. Then since I usually go for realism I opted for a elevated ramp for handicap visitors which proved to be difficult. It’s not perfect but it will do. I added some rock work a lighthouse and shelter as well as a shelter for underwater viewing guests. I will eventually post the zoo on the workshop when finished but it’s got a long way to go till being finished.
Then since I usually go for realism I opted for a elevated ramp for handicap visitors which proved to be difficult. It’s not perfect but it will do.
Same and it's surpsirsing how hard it is to build ramps in this game. Was very frustrating with my underwater viewing for pinguins, and I'm still not too happy with the result.
Ramps that are made out of path, yes. When you need a 4 to 5 meter deep area for underwater, the ramps become complicated.
Ok, understandable. The Paths that lead down to the Underwater Viewing Area of my Seal Enclosure do look absolutely horrible. Maybe I'll try to replace them (if the Update solved that annoying freezing during building. I would've already tested it but Steam had some Problems even though I didn't have any Problems with the Internet Connection)
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