Ships What's your Fleet?

Sidewinder MkI - I still use these to go from one system to another, to get to my bigger ships. Taxi
Sidewinder MkI
Sidewinder MkI
Viper MkIII
Type-6 - nimble cargo hauler
Diamondback Explorer - best ship for missions that don't require cargo
Python - Excellent multi-role!
Type-9 - holds a warehouse-full of cargo, and flys like it
Federal Corvette
My CMDR has owned every ship in the game at some point, some of them multiple times, but I like to keep the list small and once I've had my fun with a ship, I often don't keep it around unless I have continuing need for it.

Current fleet, in order of most to least used:

Imperial Courier - My default mission runner, explorer, and PvE assassin. Does everything except kill quickly or haul massive cargo. Most survivable ship in the game.
Federal Corvette - For those times when they have a wing and you don't, but you want it to be a fair fight anyway. Also good for winning BGS wars, by itself. Can be quickly converted to carry cargo in a pinch.
FDL - For occasional duels, or wing PvP.
Mamba - Specialty PvP, PvE assassinations.
Viper Mk III - Nostalgia.
Krait Phantom - Geared for speed, survivability, and exploration. When I want to get somewhere fast.
Krait Mk II - Combat fit, for when I want something different.
Vulture - I still like it, I just rarely have real use for it.
Imperial Clipper - Hybrid combat loadout...mostly in mothballs, but I dust her off every now and then.
Dolphin - This ship works as my long range explorer, long range tourist (1st class) hauler and taxi, if I have to get somewhere fast. The light armament is only used to activate Guardian beacons. When I pass the right places I also haul some rare commodities but that is no main goal.
Krait Mk. II - My main ship, the interior modules change often (fighter hangar size 5 or 6, SRV, FSD booster and so on, I had everything in there beside mining equipment). As a rule it works as an explorer or a combat craft.
Python - Equipped as a medium sized armed freighter. It is mostly used when I am drifting about the bubble, taking on cargo missions, deliver it, repeat.
Imperial Cutter - Equipped as a large armed freighter. I use this ship with trade CGs. The modules to configure it as a full combat craft are in storage but I prefer my medium ships for that. I also used it as a miner to get the related PS4 trophies and access to engineers but that was a year ago.

I had more ships in storage but when I haven't used most of them for a year I sold them.
But I am thinking about outfitting a Sidewinder and see how far it gets be toward Beagle's Point.
Hauler - Bubble - Bubble shuttle
Imp Eagle - Shrike - Basically a shuttle/support combat craft
Imp Courier - Choma - Passenger carrier/escort combat craft
DBX - Khephri - Dedicated explorer
Keelback - Golem - Dedicated miner
Dolphin - Gateau de la Dauphine - VIP passenger liner
Alliance Challenger - Celestial Tortuga - Dedicated combat craft; mercenary, bounty hunting, assassinations
Type 9 Heavy - Barricade Cache - Dedicated trader

FDL - Xeno hunter
Python - Pirate/smuggler
FDS - Dedicated miner
FGS - Dedicated combat craft; wetwork, black ops, etc.
Anaconda - Multirole combat craft
Fed Corvette - Dedicated combat craft; conflict zones, wing battles, etc.
Krait MkII
Cobra MkIII
Eagle MkII

former ships:

the Krait is my main ship. I like to use multirole ships, and I'm mostly interested in exploring, doing random trade and salvage missions, smuggling, and bounty hunting. Every ship was my do-everything ship at one point, with the exception of the eagle and DBX (bought em cuz they look cool), and 2nd adder (a taxi). Used the vulture just to get rich doing mercenary work during the war for Lugh, then got rid of it and bought the python. The keelback was an intentional downgrade though, because i wanted ship launched fighters but was tired of melting all NPCs via anaconda. Also i love how it looks.

I might go back to an adder or cobra now that small ships have two extra internal slots.

Also I hope we eventually get the ability to assign NPC crews to our ships. I would love for my fleet to actually do things. Imagine sending out dozens of ships to trade/act as escorts, patrol your home system, explore, etc. It would also breath new life into cheaper ships, as people would consider operating costs/rebuy costs and whatnot for those inevitable pirate attacks or a faceplant into a star. Not to mention being a good way to help spend all those extra billions of credits so many commanders have.

anyways, some ships i wanna (re)add to my fleet:

an FDL, another Krait II for AX warfare, a vulture. maybe a cutter
Currently at 10 ship strong fleet, plans to add another 10.

Ships I own:
- Adder "Nerel". Bubble taxi. Previously used as a small time cargo delivery ship. Love her.

- Hauler "Oddity". True oddity, bought it as a makeshift taxi after emergency return from Colonia - needed something to get me to home base. Since I skipped it on my way back then...

- Cobra mk III "Sarahada". Colonia taxi. Early this year I finally got to Colonia and was in need of a taxi ship that may be left behind. Picked Cmk3. Coincidetally I made my way there while Frontier's challenge was in effect (25M LYs for 25th anniversary). This one got anniversary paintjob.

- Krait Phantom "Samboya". After new exploration mechanics went live I wanted to re-visit "my" system to perform full surface scans. Since new mechanics camer with new ship - it was perfect opportunity to get Phantom.

- Fer-de-Lance "Fleur-du-Mal". Still WIP on bounty hunter ship.

- Mamba "Hkei Mi E". Self given reward for reaking 1B Credits mark. I treat her like a space sport car. Pure bling bling.

- Krait mk III "Archdruid Yersaraai". My main ship. All rounder, general purpose and ship of choice.

- T-9 "Narayana". Bulk cargo freighter.

- Anaconda "Kongou". Used to be cargo freighter, will be refitted into long range, deep space exploration vessel.

- Federal Corvette "Kiryuin Ragyo". Got her as a part of my 2nd attempt to get The Big 3. So far used for freight jobs, probably will make her nasty warmachine. Name obliges.

Ships I plan to (re)acquire:
  • DBX. My first to go ship
  • iCourier
  • Vulture
  • ASP X
  • T-7
  • Cheftain (or one of sisters)
  • iClipper
  • Orca. Never had anything SaaudKruger
  • Python. Used to bve main ship, Krait took that role.
  • iCutter
When I'll collect above I'll have probably all ships I'm intersted in.
Either you know something I don't know or your finger rested too long on the "i".
Though I am sure you also know many things I don't know. :whistle:
Woo, somebody actually reads my rumbling :p Good catch. Yesterday was quite hot day and my brain made quick copy-paste of ship version - from Cobra, hence the confusion.

I may also made up above explanation <evil laughter>
So lets see what Inara tells me:
Hauler - Bubble Taxi2,148,189 Cr
Type-6 Transporter - Guardian unlocks5,503,189 Cr
Imperial Eagle - mothballed7,244,355 Cr
Viper Mk IV - mothballed10,562,546 Cr
Cobra Mk III - mothballed10,915,013 Cr
Imperial Courier - Fun Ship10,972,428 Cr
Diamondback Explorer - cheap long range Taxi12,351,254 Cr
Federal Dropship - mothballed17,253,114 Cr
Keelback - mothballed17,708,082 Cr
Vulture - mothballed24,323,531 Cr
Alliance Chieftain - mothballed43,064,807 Cr
Type-7 Transporter - Starport MedEvac43,929,275 Cr
Federal Dropship - fixed Multi Hulltank53,509,909 Cr
Krait Phantom - Colonia Miner73,002,772 Cr
Krait Phantom - Explorer81,010,588 Cr
Orca - Colonia Explorer82,374,878 Cr
Federal Assault Ship - PvP Hybrid91,108,137 Cr
Fer-de-Lance - PvP discopulse95,583,328 Cr
Alliance Challenger - Pirate96,628,385 Cr
Python - Robigo Runner97,210,782 Cr
Alliance Chieftain - mothballed97,288,892 Cr
Krait MkII - Pirate131,871,868 Cr
Krait MkII - IDA Fuel Rat Vessel149,881,041 Cr
Federal Gunship - PvP PA trainer152,107,504 Cr
Anaconda - Explorer / Long range Hauler155,114,960 Cr
Fer-de-Lance - PvP multigimbal170,898,464 Cr
Type-9 Heavy - IDA Bulk Hauler171,580,296 Cr
Krait MkII - Colonia Assassination Runner183,728,961 Cr
Beluga Liner - Long Range luxury Explorer192,872,953 Cr
Fer-de-Lance - Colonia PvP203,746,274 Cr
Mamba - Colonia USS hunter216,190,539 Cr
Python - Colonia Mission Runner222,203,094 Cr
Federal Corvette - Colonia PvE / Haz Res244,370,007 Cr
Type-10 Defender - Assassination Runner343,282,140 Cr
Imperial Cutter - CG Bulk Trader425,870,477 Cr
Anaconda - Colonia PAX Runner436,902,450 Cr
Federal Corvette - PvP Corvette871,115,117 Cr
Imperial Cutter - Colonia Bulk Trader / PvP927,363,939 Cr

I guess I spend too much time in the game 🤷‍♂️
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