Will you use the new Zende ferry service?

Probably not. I already have all the Guardian gadgets I’m interested in, so I see no reason to return to Guardian space.

Now, a ferry to Colonia, on the other hand...
Do you feel you will use the ferry service?

Not unless it turns out that it creates additional gameplay by, say, getting regularly attacked, or mis-jumping, or becomes a target for PvP or whatever.

Definitely wouldn't bother organising my activities so that I'm in Zende on a Wednesday night, just so I can jump with the Ferry on Thursday rather than just making the 10 jumps whenever I want.
Eh, I may use it, depending on my schedule, especially for the trip back. But it's not something I would go out of my way for.
I won't use the ferry (unless possibly to get the decal), as 700 LY is a very short distance, considering I returned from Beagle Point with its 65k LY distance recently. :)
I decided to board the one going in the opposite direction .... had a wander round ... talk to myself at the bar ... it's empty !
No, but only because I'm already there (in a Cobra III). May take the shuttle back next week, though.

And AFAIK there are zero Neutron boosts between Zende and the Synuefe site ;)

I already have everything Guardian-related that I want. Give me ferries to exotic, far-away places like Colonia or Heart & Soul nebula or Sag A and then I'll get excited!
Let's be honest, the whole Interstellar Initiative thing is a massive joke. Instead of doing a one week contained CG, it's now over four weeks, and, as usual, they are utterlly clueless about what they want to do, what the playerbase wants, and completely and utterly ignore the playerbase when we tell them something isn't right.

I mean, who the hell at FDev agreed that this ferry service was useful? Who? Do they play the game? 700 lightyears? It's utterly useless! It's clear it wasn't even thought out, and the people behind it were just expecting to be lavished with praise for a new and bold move by the playerbase.

Utterly clueless. Little wonder I've played <100 hours since before Thargoids came back (LMAO btw).
I suspect I'll use the service once. If I remember. And it happens to be Thursday.

Edit: Or should it be Wednesday? :D When does it actually jump?
No, no reason for me to go there anymore. It also seems a pointless ferry. Finally an incentive for new players to go places, and they come up with this...

Yes, I can take a different ship with small jump range and explore for a week then jump back. I dock the ship in the evening, the next day it's there without any effort/boredom at all. Why would anyone be against it?
No, and I'm just glad it has a limited range and doesn't take you straight to Sag A, Beagle Point, and back (the journey there is half the fun). It's just a tad disappointing that A) the vote took place on the forum and not in-game and B) that it still doesn't give new-to-Guardian-crap players the slightest clue what to do when they actually get to Guardian space.
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