Wing Ops Mining.

Try breaking contact with your wing then begin the process of embedding the charges. See if that changes. While I was winged, same happened to me. No indicator because no charges were embedded. When they embed you get a countdown of plenty time to get away and you can detonate at any time until then by selecting the charge on the contacts panel and selecting "detonate now". It starts a 10 second timer, even that is plenty time to get away most of the time. I had the same experience while using multicrew with a forum member as well.
Humnnn, I play in Private Group so both ships would still be in the same instance.
I wanted to play Wing in the hope that the wingmate with turrets would automatically attack the NPC that attacked the other ship. Doesn't seem to happen.
Building the Cobras or refitting the AspX's with a gimballed weapon and just Playing PG might let me get both ships into the fight with the turrets.
The down side would likely be that both ships AspX's would need PWS/prospectors to see the Fissures so I couldn't power a KWS to get the bounty's.
From a pure fire power perspective, the AspX's are superior to the Cobras. I already own them and they are considerably cheaper, more maneuverable and faster boost than the Python. The Python's only real plus is the 3 LG mounts.

If I can get both AspX's into the fight,, this build --->>>

Or this since I needed missile defense ---->>

Should be able to handle an Alliance Challenger
I suddenly find I have quite a bit of time to play the game. My real life Adder (Ram Promaster 136 WB HiTop Diesel -- Fiat Ducato clone) that I use for my mobile sharpening business went down on a obscure Diesel Exhaust Fluid System problem and I am now at day 11 while a $2500.00 part gets transferred in from Italy. With the holiday here in the USA the part won't even get put on the truck until maybe Wednesday and there is no guarantee that will fix the problem. But since I bought it in the business name I was able to buy a commercial warranty that is keeping my rebuy expenses down to $100.00 and I have a free loaner.
Decided to go with this build on my next trip.

It is interesting that Coriolis shows a significant PP surplus but in the game there is a 3% overload when everything is powered and deployed. Some playing with module power priorities solved it.

I decided against taking a Seismic Charge Launcher since you never know when it will crack a rock and I proved to myself that I can use the SSM to get stiff from fissures. It is a bit slower and the yield my not be as high but the yield isn't coming out optimum with the SCL being frizzed anyway and I really want to keep the Medium Hard Points for offensive weapons.
Ok. About 330 LY out of the bubble in a LTD hot spot.

I have logged in and out several times and so far not one NPC.

Also found something strange. Sometimes one ship will light up a rock that the other ship doesn't light up with the PSW.

I think it was a a one time thing, but I will watch for more.

These were different rocks but both ships looking at the same rock in each video.

They were pretty bright but garbage.
Ok. Found a VERY VERY Bright one with fissures. The only ship that can target the fissures or other identified stuff not on the surface is the ship that attached the Prospector.
Very Frustrating that now the SDM's will not drill down and loosen anything. Wondering if there is a difference between the hardness of the rock that had the Alexanderite and this rock which could/should have LTD's??
Also the other time I was using the 2B SSDM. Wonder if the 1B's are nerfed like the SCL since I cannot even get it to work on a subsurface deposit? They are also exploding on contact.
Really don't want to have to give up a Medium HPs to have a Seismic Charge launcher that doesn't actually work right and the SSDM that might work right.
Good news though.. Three more log in and out and still no NPC's so it is looking like 300LY is the outside line.
Guess I will slow explore back to my bubble edge base and at least have some data to sell.


Just core mine solo. Someone somewhere already said core mining in wings was bugged.

You don't even need to mine out of the bubble. Because then you'll either have to fly some ways to sell your load.
Or even further to find a station that buys your load at the best price.

I only core mined for about a week. Before that, I've been playing sporadically since 2015. All I did was bounty hunt, and a little bit of PVP.
I had a full specéd Vulture, and an explorer config ASP which I hardly used, and about 30m Cr.

Within a couple of weeks of core mining, I had an Anaconda, Python, Mamba, and a billion Cr. All done in the bubble.
And I only played a couple of hours each day.

Used Inara to find the stations paying the highest for Void Opals. Then I used SPANSH to find Icy rings closest to that station/system.
Mined the crap out of the location and sold boatloads of VOs (or Low Temp Diamonds, Grandidierite, Alexandrite... basically any high value mineral) to the station until the price halved (from oversupply I reckon). Usually after you've sold a few loads there, the price will drop.

Then rinsed and repeat the above. Found a new station paying big money, and the nearest Ice ring. Just kept moving till I had a billion and got bored.
No need for wings.
Just core mine solo. Someone somewhere already said core mining in wings was bugged.
I understand that for all the people that are here just to make rank or make a fortune or kill as many of whatever they can, dumping the second ship seems like the best thing to do.

I have two accounts and fly them in a wing/PG for a reason. I have a friend that has early onset dementia. He is only 51. When he visits me I put him in the second chair next to me and he gets to play the game with me coaching him on the stuff he doesn't remember.

When he isn't here I fly both of them myself so both accounts are making money and getting experience so the second account ship gets the same engineering and outfitting.

For me the best thing to do is do the best I can the keep the ships/accounts as equal as I can and set up as close as possible to identical so all he has to do is push the same buttons I push and use the same VA commands I use except say them to the ship he is flying.
All the VA commands are the same except the ship he fly's is Carefree and the ship I fly is Pioneer.
I am hoping that playing the game will keep his mind active longer so he can actually understand what is happening when/if his 20 year old son gets married and/or gives him a grandchild.
We were having a lot of fun exploring until the DEV's nerfed the planet mapping so I decided to see if I can get us set up to do mining. He kind'a likes to shoot things and watch them blow up. So far he hasn't been here for any of this but if I can get the SSDM working again, he will be able to do it and enjoy it when he gets to do it.


Sorry to hear abt your friend.

Nothing much we can do about wing mining until Fdev fixes it.
Maybe bounty hunt NPCs in High Res? If he can still fly and shoot.

Better high res than Haz Res.
In Hi Res, you stlil have NPC system authority there to help you mix it up with the bad guys, so you don't get killed that easily.
You get to collect the bounty as long as you've hit the perp and he turns red, and is targeted when he dies.

Haz res has too little, or no Sys Auth ships to help you out. And Low RES is just, dead.

Gaming is good mental exercise. Keeps the mind active and working.
My old mom is still casual gaming on mobile phones and she loves it. Keeps her mentally active.
Seeing an old lady running around the neighborhood playing Pokemon is kinda amusing.

A lot better than just sitting on the couch, watching the telly and letting the mind rot away.
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Sorry to hear abt your friend.

A lot better than just sitting on the couch, watching the telly and letting the mind rot away.
I am still trying to get set up to try mining in Private Group. This means
If the issue is "being in wing", then the mining tools should all work properly, I am now starting to wonder if they ever have, even when two ships are in close proximity.
My last run in which the SSDM's decided to all explode on contact no matter which ship fired it, no matter if the ships were winged or just PG, makes me think it could be a "proximity" issue rather than a "wing" issue or that as I earlier noted, an issue with the 1B version that is not present in the 2B version that worked to release Alexandrite from fissures that I was using in my first attempt.
Also wondering it is an issue related to using "turreted" mining weapons and having turreted offensive weapons set to Fire at Will.
I have now verified that, either in wing or PG, only the ship that attached a Prospector can see the fissures and the subsurface deposits. The good news is that both ships in either mode can see "resource fragments" and attach a collector.
I now have a 2B SCL on one ship and a 2B SSDM on the other ship. Both are FIXED rather than Turreted. Going to hunt down and install FIXED ML's and AB's.
I am going to leave the Turreted 1B SSDM on the other ship.
If "wing" is the issue, then the SCL should work in PG.
If being "turrets" is the issue then the 1B should fail and the 2B should work.
I would really like for the Turrets to work because eventually my friend (he has already had a couple session) will not be able to fly solo and I want to be able to put him in the CREW seat.
Ok. Some success.
Here are the current ships.

I am back in the system 333 LY out with Low Temp Dia and I have still not seen any NPC's.
I loaded only fixed mining tools.
Do not understand why the SSDM worked on fissures to release Alexandrite the first system but they didn't work here.
I was able to set Seismic Charges in both Private Group and Wing.
Here is video. --->> <<---
Clearly I am missing something on how to charge up the charges and I failed to crack the rock but I was successful in placing 4 charges one time and 3 the other time.

Going to look for a new rock to try and crack.
Ok. Spent a couple hours mining in wing. Found Low Temp Diamond subsurface and surface deposits. The SSDM worked as did the abrasion blaster and the mining laser.
I am now the proud owner of 1 Low Temp Diamond on one ship and 82% of one on the other ship. So far no NPC's.
Wonder what is going to happen on the next log in.
Ok. Cracked two more rocks in wing so I am not posting any more video. The last two look very much like the last video.
Also transferred limpets and LTD's between ships.
Now at least 10 log in's without seeing NPC's so I think I have a system that will allow me to let my friend sit in the other chair and mine with me.

Interesting notes:
1. Only the ship that fired a prospector can see the fissures but the other ship can see where on the asteroid the first ship has targeted a fissure or anything else. Makes me wonder if the second ship could shoot the SCL at the spot the other ship has targeted and get it to embed?? May try on the next rock.
2. Once the rock has cracked, both ships can see the fragments and surface or new subsurface deposits.
Ok. This will be my last post on this and then I am going to UNWATCH.
This likely only applies to a two ship wing.
It is possible to use SCL in wing but it seems that only the FIXED version will work.
Both Ships in the wing can place charges, but the Yield Graph will go away very shortly after the other ship places a charge. I did get a short look at the graph and it was in the for me "green" and I got 8 deposit fragments and 7 surface deposits to abrade off the chunks.
In wing the ships can see which fissure the other has targeted.

It is also possible to mine simply in a private group and both ships (maybe all) can place charges but the yield charts are only going to reflect the yield of the charges that each ship placed.
But, it looks like the charges still synchronize and the general rule of 1 full charge in 2 separate LOW STRENGTH fissure is going to crack the rock and produce 10-11 deposit pieces either as fragments or surface deposits.

In both cases both ships must prospect to see the fissures and later the surface deposits but both ships can see deposit fragments.

Better I think to have one ship in the private group set all the charges.

Collector limpets seem to work in either wing or just private group.

I appear to have found a new lonely place. I have logged in and out 5 times while sitting near a VERY bright rock and not one pirate yet.
That rock had fissures and I got 8 deposit fragments and 7 surface deposits. Logged out and back in and immediately found a second rock with fissures and just to see what would happen, logged out and back in and I had to prospect the rock again to see the fissures. Mined that one in PG as I wrote above. Found a third with fissures and mined it in PG and only had one ship set charges and got 15 pieces.

Col 359 Sector QM-A B2-1 Alexandrite, LTD's in a Hot Spot over 20 Mm across, Grandierite, Monazite, Rhodplumsite, Platinum and more . No Void Opals.
I am getting both LTD's and Grd from the big hot spot.
Caucuma 302.64 LY
New Yembo 265.34 LY
Lenny's Rock 264.69 LY

Based on this, it looks like maybe 250 LY is the magic distance to mine in peace.

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