Would BGS create new station in a system, in any situation?

Would BGS create new station in any situation?
Or add facility(e.g. Outfit) to an existing station?

Such as Investment state, accumulated economy value?
Ownership changes can affect facilities - for example, if a Social or Criminal faction takes over a station, that will open a black market, which will also open a commodity market if there wasn't already one there. Conversely, if a Corporate or Authoritarian faction takes over a station, the black market will be disabled for Corporates and removed entirely for Authoritarians, which may remove the commodity market as well if it didn't normally have one.
AFAIK, no. New stations etc. are added manually by FDev as far as I know. The BGS isn't advanced enough to make for station-building and terraforming of worlds, for example, at this point.
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