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My 4 best coaster videos Imo

My Buffalo Valley Series! I am kind of new to youtube. I am improving greatly every video! Here are my recent videos. It is a frontier themed park and I am super detail oriented. I am currently building a River Rapids Ride semi-based on Grizzly River Run. I upload every week. (sometimes more than that if I have time.)


This is my first ride I've done in Planet Coaster. I'm working on a new one and making more realistic hopefully next time around :)

What the heck. I made this yesterday. Blast Point Resort opening day.

Here is a re-creation of Jurassic Park the Ride at Universal Orlando that I just made:

Here is an RMC coaster I made a little while ago in the game:

And Here is a coaster I made with a forest theme (not sure what name type it is, but its the bird themed one that rotates).
Hey guys :)

This is not my video! Its a video from Channel5Gaming you should check him out he has great planet coaster videos :D
He did a video on my First park i released on the workshop:
Here's my first park!

Hi, Videos of a wooden rollercoaster and a spinning rollercoaster ;) Enjoy ! :)




Shift ;) !
My last 4 Creations from New to old :)




My 2nd Completed Themed Ride! :) "DRAGON QUEST and the enchanted forest"

Adventurer, the Princess has gone missing! Ride dragons and enter the enchanted forest in search of the princess. But beware, both good and evil magic awaits in the forest. This is a long themed/ storied ride that involves high speeds, loud noises and sudden effects.

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