YouTube Video Thread

This is the latest in my series playing on hard mode. I'm really happy with the way the western themed area of my park is turning out.

This is my first Planet Coaster Project!

I'm Working on Korean themed park!!
Feedback is very graceful :D
Cube of Illusion

Limbo: The Ride

Dread - A Horror Coaster
The newest episode in my Planet Coaster series. Having fun decorating the western themed area of my park!

In this episode of Planet Coaster HARD MODE, we take a look at the new wooden roller coaster in the Western area and rebuild the park entrance!

Finally got around to uploading the first part of my build of that Water Mill someone posted on reddit.

Thought I'd just pop my new Blast Point Resort video in here.
The Seven Wonders - PYRAMIDS terrain build

Hello guys!

I created a pyramid themed park, hope you all enjoy! I know the details are not spot on, as it was quite difficult to do so considering my skills are on the lower end [wacky] but I did my best. I thought it'd be fun for some who might want to build parks on it.

Y'all can download it at steam: tammyxby

Thank you for stopping by! [heart][heart]

Here is a video of a new coaster I just recently made called Forest Fire. It is an RMC topper track coaster and, in my opinion, looks a bit like a combination of Wild Fire in Sweden and Lightning Rod at Dollywood.

A couple of random creations... a dragon lamp and a flower/shell light.

In this episode of Planet Coaster HARD MODE, we do some more work on the park entrance and start decorating the new wooden coaster!

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