1. DaveB

    Please have SOME paintjob styles kept up to date as ships are added!

    When the Black Friday paintjob set landed, these several years ago, I leaped on it. Not because I like painting my ships black (I'm totally fine with that*, but that's not the point here) but because here was a chance to get a consistent paintjob not just for the ships I then owned but for every...
  2. JenB

    Helicopter and Jeep skins

    So I just learned that there are way more skins out there than just the orange Helicopter and Jeep, but they're not only exclusive to pre-order, they're also exclusive to console! Every platform has it's OWN exclusive skin for pre-ordering, and honestly I think that's too much exclusion. No new...
  3. Old Duck

    The in-game store is (almost) useless in its current form

    So here's my afternoon - I wanted to edit my holo-me, and missing the glasses I had for free on PS4, I checked to see if they were back. They are! They're not free anymore, but 20 Arx isn't a bad price, so I decide to earn some Arx to buy these. I fly to the local RES, shoot up some ships, and...
  4. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead

    Boredom Shopping

    Is now impossible! I like to browse what's for sale/on sale when I'm at work. But now I can't. Lol Not that I have any money to spend. Oh FD, you are silly.:p
  5. Phloop Garou

    Cosmetics are missing something important.

    I know you get bobbleheads and fairy-lights. But seriousy Frontier, I would pay to have an option to have my cockpit look more "lived-in", with trash rolling around my feet. And while we at it, howcome there aren't any trucker-caps? Do space-truckers not have space trucker caps?
  6. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead

    Does It Constitute As Cheating If...

    ...I go in to the game files, and swap the midnight black paintjobs with bright pink? :unsure: Technically, tampering with game files is cheating. But cosmetics aren't supposed to give you an advantage. So it doesn't matter...? Dilemma! For clarification, I'm not going to do this! :p
  7. LynxAwakening

    open the game up

    is this a shoping cart emulator disguised as a space simulator? imagine paying $60 to download ebay or amazon app (that might be a little hyperbolic but that’s what it feels like) nothing is more discouraging than the cash shop; the cosmetics need to be CR! this would promote gameplay and cater...
  8. K

    Unique Cosmetics Request

    I know most people here want QoL improvements, more in-game content, new missions, ships. and I totally agree, there is no denying that game lacks certain flair but I STRONGLY believe Frontier is already on that. There is no need to further push them into it. What I want is more Unique ship...
  9. Crimson Echo

    Defaults for Cosmetic Preferences

    The ability to set cosmetic preferences on a global or ship by ship basis would be nice. For instance being able to select a default decal setup where the front slot is current exploration rank, left is a alliance/mahon logo, and the right is the beta backer patch, and have these automatically...
  10. G

    Exchange rate for brazilian customers

    Hello and good evening! I'm a brazilian Elite player, since launch. I have bought the base game, Horizons and some cosmetic stuff along these last years. Recently, Frontier released A LOT more cosmetic stuff for us to buy (Ship Kits, Weapon and Engine colors, to name a few) but, as much as...
  11. N

    Exterior ship lights

    Basically what I'm thinking of are cosmetic parts (like shipkits) that can be bought for your ship so its is lit in the color of your choise
  12. CMDR Vic

    PS4: Buy Cosmetics WITHOUT Frontier Points

    I don't know how to start this so I'm just going to go right into it. On PS4 (and, assuming, similar on Xbox One), it's gimmicky and irritating that we have to PURCHASE a PACKAGE of Frontier Points, so that we can then PURCHASE COSMETICS from the Frontier store. I, myself, feel like I would be...
  13. factor0f9

    Fighter pilots gotta have someone they love, right?

    Hey all, just popped into the intro forum and am currently attempting to prove I am a real person. Speaking of real people, as a pilot IRL I like to post pictures all over my cockpit of family, friends, loved ones, pets, and things to that nature (trust me, a big role of scotch tape is always in...
  14. J

    Dead and lonely Universe!

    Hey fellow commanders! I've started traveling through the universe some days ago. My first impression was full of good and impressed feelings. But after some days where I rarely found some human ships, I was disappointed about the interactions of players. I tried to contact nearly everybody I...
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