1. Bier00t

    Would love to see that with Odyssey also comes major update/redesign for already existing features

    These are some major setbacks and let downs from the past that could actually be finally finished/fixed. The list is done from my head so please let me know what you think. That would be: possibility of mixing wings with multicrew possibility of using SRVs in multicrew and also for owner of a...
  2. NisseNeutron

    Griefers make open impossible, and how easy the solution is.

    I usually play solo, but every now and then I'll go online to find some CMDRs, and have some interaction. Every single time I did however, I have been interdicted and killed within 10 minutes of launching out of the station. You spawn, you try to fly somewhere and someone interdicts you and...
  3. Cryvern

    Not really suggestions, but features/things that are long overdue in this game

    Yay, here we go again, let's beat the dead horse one more time. 1º- FDEV fricking gear up your development process, holy poopoo! The game is going to die! Players are fed up with this snail pace, patince is running out. 2º- Being able to aling yourself with minor factions, as well as having a...
  4. Dryheat4u

    Here’s my take on what Elite Dangerous is getting wrong…

    First, some background. I have logged several thousand hours of dedicated game-play in Elite Dangerous. I have completed the superpower rank grind for both the Empire and Federation. I have been to Beagle point and back twice. I have built and engineered over twenty different ships in my career...
  5. The Kat

    The new Fleet Carriers

    I posted this to reddit so figure I would post this here. I do not care for the way they are handling fleet carriers. There I said it. Here's my opinion(and I know that's just what it is. An opinion). Fleet carriers should not be personal. I know it's cool to have a giant battlecruiser for all...
  6. P

    Some Ideas for Update/DLC

    I repost my two ideas of update/DLC here on the Frontier Forum 1: First of all, one of the most interesting thing who can be add, it's a first person mod, I know anything in programming but with the recent Photo Mod, does not that make it easier ? 2: I think the half fence can be really good...
  7. hackingpro

    Class 3 & 4 Railguns + Change suggestion

    C3 & C4 rails have already been talked about, so I won't go into much detail. Basically, increase the stats and make the charge duration longer. I don't need to tell you how awesome they would be. I also have a suggestion for a change to how rails work: reduce the heat output by 50% and add...
  8. Armageddo

    Longest time out of the bubble?

    So recently I've reached Beagle Point and upon getting there I realized that my last visit at a station was almost 4 months ago (April 5th) when i docked near Sag A and I left the bubble almost 8 months ago (departed on the 6th of January). While this is mostly due to my work schedule and me...
  9. T

    Night vision makes stealth builds obsolete?

    Greetings Commanders. Just wanted to ask a question. Prefferably to the more stealth oriented of You. I have just recently been flying around planetside doing missions when i noticed that night vision makes very distant ships(the ones that appear as the scrambled blip on the compass) shine...
  10. The Sandbox Social

    New Building Options

    Hey all! :D Just wanted to share with everyone a video where we discuss all the new possibilities to use the modular building in Planet Zoo! Hope you enjoy! Source: https://www.youtube.com/embed/GDbFoEsX4M4
  11. P

    Making a q&a to do with planet coaster on my channel

    Hello everyone, I am currently trying to gather questions about planet coaster for an upcoming video. The plan is to do a well structured q&a about planet coaster. Anyone who drops me a question will recieve a mention of your name and youtube channel if you have one. All you have to do is 1...
  12. Olivia Vespera

    General / Off-Topic We may need to rethink Colonia

    In that spirit please refrain from name calling. (sjw, snowflake, idiot, etc) Introduction: I read this article recently called We need to change the way we talk about space exploration by National Geographic Then I started following the links and started reading The Racist Language of Space...
  13. Canoe

    Beyond Elite - A Discussion on Rankings

    With any ranking system, there comes a time when you finally reach the peak, and there's no where to look but down. So where do we go from here, and how could FD make progression more meaningful. Should there be a Prestige system, where your peak rank cycles through a numeric range that awards...
  14. BRUNN

    Frontier's target audience (for Elite)

    Based on the company's actions, I defined Frontier's target audience (for Elite): - Played the 1984 Elite, Elite II or Elite 3. - 40 years + - Want a difficult game to learn (lots of hidden information) - But easy to play (no challenges) - Retired (or almost) is a joke [noob] Who isn't the...
  15. skkruf

    The game is now in a worse state than before 3.1

    Several long standing, well reported bugs are still in the game. 3 examples: massacre mission targets are not flagged and do not count towards the mission, skimmers have no faction or bounty information, destroying an npc's powerplant has no effect on their ship. Meanwhile, a whole bunch of new...
  16. Nasirrh

    The "Combat" Talk for Beyond

    Didn't find a related post on the Forums so I started a new one. I am aware that a lot of people are unhappy with the nerving and the inbalance in weaponry and on top of that overall with the combat system. And the point that Combat was the top priority developement task in the past years for...
  17. Puerility

    Ships Krait Hype Thread

    Get hyped! What are your thoughts on it? I hoping the cockpit view will be as amazing as it's looking, especially for multi crew. Definitely a neat bridge design.
  18. Fett_Li

    Ships Station Rescue Vessel

    Hi there, today I got myself engaged in some rescue missions at stations attacked by thargoids and really enjoyed it! Finally a use case where smaller, mor agile ships are of use! So I wanted to discuss what kind of loadout you find to be the most effective. Here are some of the insights I got...
  19. Wilhelm von Preuss

    Powerplay Empire? Fed? Alliance? Independent? why did you choose who you chose?

    if you can't tell from the title, i'm interested in why other players chose their faction to align with or stay independant. either the whole (empire, Alliance, Federation, independant) or the individual (Aisling, Li-Yong, Archon etc.), did you choose them for their appearance? or their values...
  20. Yamiks

    [Video] Elitism in Elite Dangerous

    https://youtu.be/_gQrGWkPUWI Feel free to share your elitist stories down below..my favorite is "immersion timers for ship & module transfers"
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