1. CMDR Rusty Dog

    Hearts and Brains (video)

    Hi everyone. Just came across these stickly critters in the rings of a planet somewhere near Sag A*. Very impressive looking !
  2. Erimus Kamzel

    [DW2] Epilogue, Acknowledgements, DW Speculation & Organisation

    LINK Epilogue, Acknowledgements, DW3 Speculation & Organisation Post #1 Acknowledgements DW2 in the Media Post #2 (Link) Distant Worlds 3 Speculation Restructuring the way future Distant Worlds expeditions will be organised Epilogue & Acknowledgements Thank you, the DW2 team! My...
  3. V

    Akko's Mug

    Hello dear Fdev! I got a story about a guy namedAkko_Rishtar who delivered mugs to all who wanted them on PS4 DW2 from WP2 to WP8-9 And we are a lot of people on PSN who would love to get a Beacon(near our WP7-8) out for him. I got a mug at WP2 died at WP3, got a new mug on WP7 and got stuck at...
  4. G

    [DW2] PSA for the Return Journey: Take the Smuggler's Path Home!

    I started the journey back to Sag A* and home, but this time I took the Smuggler's Path across the Abyss. This is a far, far easier (and more direct) route for Asp-class ships than Route 33. I spent three days manually pathfinding and backtracking to get from the end of Route 33 to Beagle...
  5. Der Zeitgeist

    DW2 - Organized Mass Jumps - Central Info Thread

  6. RevCaoticFox

    Where are the Explorers Anchorage changes

    So, upon investigation... the station we mined 2.3 MILLION TONNES of materials to fit, is still the way it was when we left it, once the last CG had ended. Why did we even bother? AND WHERE IS THE MEGASHIP!?!?!?!
  7. Swizzy o7o7

    PvP Greenpeace Gank [DG2]

    CMDR Swizzy o7o7 saves the day, by halting an eco terrorist from exploiting preserved planetary rings (as proclaimed by Overlord, Zarek Null.) Z0,Z0. https://youtu.be/wF2If8800QY
  8. Swizzy o7o7

    Awesome New Station Being Built! (Important message inside.)

    Thanks to the hard work of the slave commander's who by order of Zarek Null, have built a station for all member's of Space Force, and Zarek's own personal guard, New Dominion; to use to further 'MedEvac' roleplaying activities further out from the bubble, and deep into the galactic core. Here...
  9. G

    FD utter failure: engineering brought to an excess

    Watching a video of gankers killing explorers in one, two volleys of cannons. I like pvp, but this is not pvp, this is a click once to win mechanic. Thinking how beautiful and fun this game is and how hard developers failed in balancing attack and defense. I want everyone to play in open, but...
  10. Swizzy o7o7

    PvP Distant Worlds 2 Article (Alpha Orbital News)

    https://www.alpha-orbital.com/news/distant-world-massacres-a-tale-of-explosions-and-grief Z0.
  11. Yamiks

    [Video] Distant worlds 2 - the launch of a grand voyage and server hell

  12. N

    [DW2] Commanders Log

    (Quick OOC note, this is a log of my exploits on the Distant Worlds 2 expedition. It’s partly for my own records, but if people want to follow and comment, go ahead. Haven't done any RP stuff before so any tips/suggestions/questions would be appreciated) Commander's Log: 33050113A Currently...
  13. imaner76

    Let's get together. Large gathering in preparation for DW2 at Pallaeni.

    Live external camera best from @26:00 link in the comments of the video and description to time stamp. See you all out there tomorrow! Thanks to the guys and dolls who have made this happen. You made us all get together, no Gnosis moment this time around and we will all be good ;)...
  14. CaptainCaboose

    Distant Worlds 2 T-9 Mining Rig

    After much tinkering and head scratching, this is the best I could come up with to meet my requirements, if anyone has any thoughts on this I would appreciate hearing them. https://s.orbis.zone/1te1 My requirements: Full Suite of mining gear with at least 4 collectors SRV and SLF hangars(I...

    Have a shipyard at the Distant Worlds mining CG

    While it is really great that Frontier has agreed to have a mining CG in the middle of the galaxy, it does lead to a logistical problem for the vast majority of everyone actually taking part in the expedition. Most people came on the trip to explore, and thus don't actually have outfits that...
  16. Witzo

    [DW2] - Post your send-off tune.

    Preparing for Distant Worlds 2, I was reminded of Commander Bakerloo's thread from January 2016, in which we could post send-off tunes for our spaceships leaving for the big trip. New trip, new ship, so I picked a new tune for the Deepspace Jackdaw! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emiJ1ixtHM4...
  17. Foos

    Distant Worlds II Event PS4 Fleet Defense Forces

    o7 Commanders I'm the leader of the PS4 Fleet Defense Forces. This thread will be for 2 primary purposes: Posting FDF Events Requesting FDF Assistance This isn't a place for general chat as I want to reserve this space to logistics. If you would like to Join The Fleet Defense Force on...
  18. Valen Zendaris

    Community Event / Creation [DW2] Preparation Week

    Link: Logo by Qohen Leth (original concept by Hi-Ban) with assets borrowed from Frontier Developments PLC Animated by Placyde The launch of the expedition is rapidly approaching and we're sure that everyone's excited to take off into the void and let the journey commence on the...
  19. Old Duck

    Space Legs as an alternative to the SRV

    In case you haven't been following, there's been numerous threads in the console forums about the bug that causes a crash to "desktop" when multiple SRVs gather together in the same instance (thankfully this has been announced as fixed). It is very clear that a large number of players see the...
  20. baradetsky

    Distant Worlds 2 или летим на край света

    Distant Worlds 2 или летим на край света В русском сегменте как-то мало информации на тему, поэтому добавлю от себя: DW2 это крупнейшая по количеству участников экспедиция через центр Галактики (Sagittarius A), к ее необитаемой окраине (Beagle Point). Почти 4000 записавшихся в полет, от...
  21. ThatMykl

    Distant Radio 3305 - the dedicated Distant Worlds radio station

    LINK Greetings, commanders! This is Distant Radio 3305 - Making waves as you make history! "Broadcasting from secret locations all over the galaxy, we will be your invisible companions so you will never truly be alone". Launch date and time: December 28, 2018 - 20:00 IGT Click here to...
  22. Erimus Kamzel

    [DW2] Distant Worlds 2 - A Journey of Discovery

    EXPEDITIONARY ROUTE & ITINERARY LINK AN INSIGHT INTO PLANNING DW2 LINK ORIGINAL EXPEDITION & CG PROPOSAL LINK The Road to Launch (archived news updates): 2017 - October : Erimus Kamzel meets DW1 participants at Frontier EXPO. Ideas for a DW2 are discussed. 2017 - October : DW2...
  23. P


    I’m saving up to buy an exploration oriented krait mk II (explor’krait’tion :D) and wanting to go on DW2 expedition and I know it’s gonna launch Q4 this year/Q1 next year. Who can I contact about info/signing up/whatever. O7
  24. Loopios7

    Ships DW2 Mechanic Anaconda Build

    o7 CMDRs If I participate in Distant Worlds 2 I will most probably be a mechanic, so I wanted to know what kind of anaconda build you guys would suggest. Thanks
  25. Viper2kUK

    DW2 and the big backside cutter

    I've held off on making my submission for DW2 because I thought i'd have a go grinding my way to the cutter - and we all know that is a damn fine looking ship - even in braile but getting that kind of ship to meet the minimum 40lys for DW2 for me is quite a bit of a jump. I maybe completly...
  26. Erimus Kamzel

    Some ideas on getting the most out of the upcoming content

    THIS IS AN OLD THREAD FROM JAN 2018. THE EXPEDITION PROPOSAL AS OUTLINED BELOW HAS BEEN REFINED AND POSTED HERE : LINK Distant Worlds II An expedition proposal... The 14th January 3304 marked the 2nd anniversary of the launch of the first Distant Worlds Expedition. Although DW2 won't launch...
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