1. D

    Planetary view in Orrery system view

    Personally, i'm a huge fan of the (fairly) new Orrery view in the system map. It really puts into perspective the scale of the solar system you are visiting and how it is composed. One problem i noticed whilst exploring with it is that if you select a body which has planetary data, there is no...
  2. Aria de Maria Guillen

    Finally tried 11g landing

    Ok so I finally got the chance to touch down on old Lithobreaker. Right in the middle of a pumpkin patch.
  3. norlin

    General A global Codex-like list of all entries which are currently exist in the game

    Greetings commanders! The overall goal of this suggestion is to add some hope and sense to the exploration part of the game. The problem: it's not known if the game really contains anything undiscovered or it's all our dreams. So the exploration often feels completely meaningless since it...
  4. M

    Illegal salvage on undiscovered planets

    Hi, I'm just about 5K LY away from the bubble and I'm running around systems that have not been explored before (no "First Discovered by" tags anywhere). I spotted this one planet with a single geological site on it so I landed and discovered a crash site not far away from there. There were 4...
  5. O

    Ghost Planet? (FSS bug?)

    I was casually scanning some random systems while exploring and noticed that I can't find one planet that FSS shows. Honking and FSS says it's there but it's nowhere to be found in Navigation or System Map. Any idea if it's just a bug or something else? Looks like it's fresh unregistered system.
  6. MonsterArthur

    [FEDERATION] looking for people to join my exploreation squadron

    Hello, I am looking for people to join my squadron. The squadron is going to be a exploreation squadron, and our home station is going to be in colonia. We are going to try to explore the galaxy, and have fun. If you are living in colonia, or your planing to go there, and your searching for a...
  7. S

    A Clueless Beginners Guide to Exploration.

    What the heck is this? and why should I read what this idiot has to say? In short this is an attempt to record and catalogue my ED experience and there is absolutely no reason to listen to what I have to say except that it might be fun! we might learn something! and I hope to bring a wry smile...
  8. P

    The search for Wolf Reyet

    As a newbie explorer I set out to visit every star type and have visited all except for the Wolf Reyet type. In the real universe the nearest Wolf Reyet star to Sol is 'Gamma Velorum' but in the game this entire sector is blocked off to players, you need a 'Unknown Permit' to get into that...
  9. Knight of Disorder

    Nice places to visit, in or out of the bubble....

    So I just finished engineering my AspX, picked up my Guardian FSD booster and I'm wondering where I should jump off too. Got a few things to clean up and some minor engineering on some optional things I'm dragging along, but I've got a small list of stopping points on a run about the galaxy...
  10. R

    Some screenshots from exploration trip.

    Here's few screenshots:
  11. Sciencekeeper

    [INDEPENDENT] (GER/DE) Stellanebula Project - SNPX

    Join the STELLANEBULA PROJECT https://www.stellanebula.de/discord Founded way back in 2005, the Stellanebula Project started with a old time Star Trek Chat RPG and Webradio. It grew into a big community of gamers and SciFi Fans. Our Elite Team took up work in early 2019 and is growing...
  12. Robbyen

    [INDEPENDENT] Join IPAL Today!

    The Independent Pilot Alliance is looking for members! If you are looking for a relaxed experience as a beginner IPAL is the right place for you. we a a small jet dedicated group of commanders aiming to support each other. The Independent Pilot Alliance engages in several activity's such as...
  13. CMD elysium

    Looking for an active Explo Squadron Group

    Hi all Can anyone recommend an active private group exploration science squadron? Im EU based and the groups size does not matter too much but should be active and doing group / winged expeditions / exploration trips etc. Thanks
  14. Mark W

    Was this always here? - Huge Thargoid Armada in Witch Head Sector GW-W c1-2

    I think I just peed a little...
  15. SergMx

    Repair of the housing from the SRV.

    Hi all ! Give the opportunity to repair the body SHIP of the SRV (welding, etc.) with the necessary materials.
  16. P

    Outer Rim Exploration

    I have been dreaming up my next exploration challenge. What I would like to do, is navigate the outer rim, without straying into more inner regions of the galaxy. So specifically, I was planning: Kepler's Crest > Xibalba > Tenebrae > Mare Somnia >...
  17. E

    [LFG] I was experienced... and now im looking for someone who still is [ENG/GER]

    Hi there, to make it short I havent played since quiet a while and now I really wanna play again. So now Im looking for someone who wants to fly with me and get me back in to the game. Im interested in pretty much everything from trading to combat except PvP because I heard rumors that a high...
  18. whitelion1284

    What to do on a Journey to Beagle Point?

    Greetings Commanders, I have decided to put the bubble behind me for a while and journey to the other side of the galaxy. Now I have my faithful (and very thoroughly engineered) AspX and am already an Elite Explorer and do plan to take advantage or planetary scanning while out and about in this...
  19. Vovva The Bluehaired

    Where to find yttrium near Colonia?

    Hello, commanders! I badly need yttrium to exchange it for vanadium via trader for refueling AFMU. The problem is that I am in Colonia now and planning to set off on a long journey soon. I tried collecting vanadium itself but it took about 4 hours for me to find about 15 lumps - 45 pieces...
  20. CanYouHackett97

    How I Lost Millions Worth of Data in an Instant

    tl;dr: I just lost days worth of exploration data because I wanted to land on a planet before going to bed. I started in Elite Dangerous a couple months ago. At first I wasn't crazy about it, but I was able to buy an ASP Explorer after doing a wing mission with friends. Started grinding...
  21. T

    i found this planet with a wierd mark on it ;)

    so i was flying through this system and was in the middle of scanning everything down with the what are you doing when i noticed something different about this planet. i reckon we should see about getting the planet renamed? anyone got any ideas haha ;) Source: https://imgur.com/duBGOEU
  22. muroko

    CODEX update with ALL confirmed locations.

    I would like to propose an update to the CODEX which would show ALL confirmed geological/biological structures, anomalies, etc. and not just the first discovered ones. That is all.
  23. Bitwalker

    Firegroups Activation for Combat or Explorermode or Both!

    I have a wish that would make life a lot easier;) How about the possibility to activate the fire group depending on the mode? Example: Fire group A & B only in explorer mode, fire group B & C only in combat mode. With the fire groups one would only have to choose whether the group A should...
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