1. C

    Guest stuck on path?

    Made an account so I could post this. Since the update my guest are getting stuck on the path. I've tried to re-path my zoo with maximum width but it makes no difference. I am slowly going bankrupt because guest can't donate because they're stuck. Does anyone know what I should do? I haven't...
  2. T

    Guest thoughts and interactions

    I feel the guests thoughts are really lame. There are many thoughts of various kinds, which probably contribute to a lot of the game's lag. However, many of them are just really unnecessary. I'd rather them just have one thought stating "I'm hungry" rather than 5 different ways to say it. I...
  3. E

    General Gameplay Guest Mode

    One of the big things I've wanted since launch is the addition of something I am going to dub a "Guest Mode". This would allow you to experience your park on the ground, from the perspective of a guest or visitor. You'd have free reign of the park, you'd be able to go on rides and enter...
  4. Bradleymee

    Add more features in the guest area. Will Pay.

    Dear Developers, Here are the features I wish to see in the game and I will gladly pay for these features if money is needed to take the time to implement them. I'll sort the amount of features the developers could choose to implement by Medals. I am only asking that the developers choose one...
  5. Icedude

    Tweak Guest AI regarding use of Transport Rides

    So I was messing around with a test park last night to see how guests entering/leaving the park via a monorail would work. You can make one too to see the weirdness. Just start a new sandbox, throw a hotel next to the park entrance gate, then run a loooong path (mine was like 500m) and put some...
  6. R

    Guest Commander

    I have grandchildren who would like to play this game. Is there the possibility of logging on as a guest so that they can try the game on my computer and then, if they like it, they can buy their own!
  7. K

    Kerb and staff

    Hi all ! Kerb are cool : we can manage guest flow, it's great. But what if Kerb block all guest, but not the staff ? We could build Staff area, backstage and more ! It would be great !! What you think ?
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