1. G

    General Gameplay Idea for far future possible Pterosaur Aviary Plans

    Currently, the team at Frontier Developments have no plans for anything pterosaur related for Jurassic World Evolution, as they even stated this months before the game launched. But if (and only if) this were to change, as things can change over time, for this particular game, I would still like...
  2. 1v4n94

    Flying creatures you'd like to see in the game

    So, we already have the 1st two candidates which appeared in the 1st movie: Dimorphodon and Pteranodon, but... which other "exotic" or unique flying creatures you think would be a great addition to the game? CURRENT WISHLIST: Pteranodon (this one appeared in almost every Jurassic movie)...
  3. SanctusLupus

    What I hope for to be presented in JW :)

    Operation Genesis was fun and interesting at the time of its release but with today we are hoping and dreaming for so much more from Frontier. I personally would like for more interactions with the dinosarus and many different ways to view them with many different animations to not be repetitive...
  4. Sleepless_Knight

    YT VIDEO Shout-outs to CMDRs in "Let's Play" vids?

    Hello there... Apologies if this has been suggested before, but since so many people are making YouTube tutorials "Let's Play" videos and, I wondered if we might have a "SHOUT-OUT" page (thread), to let CMDRs know when they've been featured in online videos. I'll start the ball rolling, shall...
  5. A

    Community Event / Creation [GER/DE] YouTube-Channel für Elite: Dangerous und andere Space-Games

    Schönen guten Tag! Für den deutschsprachigen Teil der Community betreibe ich auf YouTube unter "angryBOT" einen Channel, der sich hauptsächlich mit Space-Games befasst. Da Elite: Dangerous aktuell einer der wichtigsten Vertreter dieses Genres ist, habe ich vor ein paar Tagen auch das erste...
  6. Master Delgado

    Community Event / Creation "Elite: Not So Dangerous"

    A few days after buying the Beta, I've been flying around for a bit and made a short video to show you what a hot-shot pilot I am...
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