1. S

    Dismiss ship, while in SLF, and SLF infinite range for Odyssey

    Would be great if we could land SLF and walkout of it? Would be amazing. I wish we had infinite range on SLF, like in SRV, so we can dismiss ship and fly around in SLF above surface, would be badass for explorers in big ships like Conda or Cutter, just dismiss big ship and explore planet in SLF...
  2. CMDR Serval-0000

    Mining SLF

    This idea has been suggested multiple times in the past, but since we are getting space feet soon, and mining has been reworked not too long ago, I supposed now would be good time to push that idea again. My friend has always found elite very immersive, but has never been into it as mush as I...
  3. M

    Ships Ship launched Transport

    What if they add little ships you can launch from your ship like the SLF but for going down to the surface and landing there like a dropship (think of the phantom from SW:Rebels) that way you dont have to risk landing your big ship and you could bring other people with you (i mean the srv doesnt...
  4. [VR] Goooost

    Give my other 2 crew something to do

    I trained them all up in the expectation that you guys would release content that would require them and I wanted to be prepared, but now I'm thinking I've been duped.
  5. Old Duck

    Add "Attack Target" option to Fire Group Panel

    It sure would be handy to map "Attack Target" (SLF command) to my fire group, seeing that the SLF is basically a smart, mobile hardpoint. I've already used all my controller buttons, and dedicating a key / button to something that is only rarely equipped (fighter hangar) is a waste for me. That...
  6. Old Duck

    Rethink SLFs for New Era

    Dear Frontier, please reconsider this telepresence nonsense when it comes to SLFs. It's just silly on multiple levels. We or our NPC pilot should be actually FLYING those SLFs. If the fighter is destroyed, then we have to rescue the pilot (or be rescued ourselves) in an escape pod. For the sake...
  7. GN_Abbude

    More options for ships with fighter bays installed

    greetings. I would like to suggest a new option for the use of the fighter bay in the elite dangerous, the function of storing and firing heavy tactical weaponry as some attack aircraft do. I really like ships like the Krait MK2, Gunship and Crusader but the fighter bays don't really suit my...
  8. Dionysymbiant

    SLF future uses discussion

    Ok, so I've wondered why we don't have more use from SLF. How about SLF with a pulse wave scanner to fly ahead of mother ship and ID rocks quicker (possibly with a way to 'mark' or 'paint' them for mothership.) SLF with open weapon slots but restricted to class based on pre determined...
  9. CMDRTarkaDal

    Ship Launched Fighters - Suggestions

    Hello Frontier This long period of minor updates seems a good opportunity to tie up loose ends. I love the ship launched fighters. Everything about them, the sounds, the immersion, the system itself. Your developers went to a great deal to make SLFs an absolute joy and I commend them for that...
  10. G

    Ship Launched Fighter Bug

    I've had this problem for well over a year now where my fighter ignores the "attack target" command when I'm targetting a thargon swarm. He will stay in the "Defend" command but still won't react to the thargon swarm damaging him, he just refuses to get into any combat with the swarm at all. If...
  11. Bier00t

    Ships Module sizes on SLFs

    Can someone confirm what core module sizes are used on SLFs?
  12. N

    New small ship class?

    I'd love some new smaller smalls. Based off existing SLFs or Maybe new designs based on the current SLF designs. Possible features of these new ships could be- - Jump/supercruise ability (lore explanation could be new guardian tech) - New weapon sizes/types (small plasma repeater, anyone...
  13. CDR_WillTRiker

    DW2 PS Edition - Racing League

    Link: Logo by Qohen Leth (original concept by Hi-Ban) with assets borrowed from Frontier Developments PLC Animated by Placyde Welcome Commander! Are you seeking an adrenaline rush? Are you not sure how to explore the galaxy? Or do you just have an SLF with you and don't know what...
  14. Giyari

    Ship Launched Miner?

    With mining being a ton more enjoyable thanks to the recent changes, it's still lacking a little bit in the multicrew department. Collector limpets are all well and good, but moving an Anaconda around an exposed asteroid core to get an abrasion blaster hit, that's pretty annoying. Hell it's even...
  15. CMDR Kyle Donovan

    Dear Santa... (mining fighter and subtypes)

    So, I know I've been really good this year, and I only flew my spaceship for good, and helped out my friends, and evacuated dozens of burning space stations, even when they locked me out because I was trying to get inside a burning station but had a fender bender... but that's a grumble for...
  16. W

    My biggest problem with SLFs

    There are certainly issues with the SLFs. Not too many bugs persay. Locking up while docking for example. Pretty annoying for sure but one thing bugs me more than anything else: the npc pilot complaining/warning me that the hull is at 50% or is critical etc when in reality they blew up two or...
  17. CaptainCaboose

    Mining SLF(Pretty please FDEV)

    Here's the ask: Mining SLF's, multi-crew capable, to assist with utilizing the new mining features. Each SLF should have limited combat capability(using a mining lazer), or simply no offensive capabilities at all and simply chaff for escaping. The SLF would be able to scan the rocks and...
  18. Arthur Z.

    Allow more Ship Launched Fighters when not in a wing

    Hi there! So, the idea actually comes from Fortnite single player campaign. Basically in the game, you have an ability to place up to 3x NPCs and give them guns and ammo to help you defend if you are playing solo. The game is up to 4 player coop and with each human player in the team, the...
  19. C

    SLF Pilots survival should create new Mission Board Recovery

    Problem: CMDRs who spend a lot of time training a SLF pilot suffer a terrible loss when their ship is destroyed. This is incredibly frustrating and is considered a great loss to CMDRs who spend a tremendous amount of time training and developing their SLF pilots all the way up to ELITE...
  20. Yamiks

    [Video] Guardian ship launched fighter review

    Ship "review" HERE! So what do you guys think of these things?
  21. T

    Ships Alliance Crusader Combat Build Guide

    Hey guys I made a video going over the new Alliance Crusader. It has gotten a lot of flak from recent reviews I've seen. Hopefully this video and my discussions of it clear some stuff up. I'm not saying this is the pvp ship in the game but it is a...
  22. Morbad

    Pushing the boundaries of CMDR laziness, I present to you...the Combat Computer!

    No cheats, exploits, nor macros involved. Just feed your favorite NPC (non-player cyborg) concubine/janitor 10% of your gross income and you'll never have to deal with PvE combat again. Apologies for the sloppy camera work, I was eating a plate of French toast while Alynna (affectionately known...
  23. wentbackward

    Ship Launch Reconnaissance - SLR

    Now we have a number of ships with fighter bays, I feel this would add an interesting dimension to gameplay. Idea-ization only: Ship Launched Reconnaissance Craft - Small amount of cargo space, and a cargo hatch. Maybe 3 - 5t - Data Link Scanner - Small guns, perhaps same as on the SRV - Small...
  24. Bionic Bytes

    Wings and SLF

    I was just playing in Open at a CG with my shiny new Crusaider and SLF. Got invited to a wing and was enjoying some pew pew with the boys. I noticed that the SLF was no longer attacking and defending me - instead the icon said "follow" - even though it was 11km away from me. It didn't respond to...
  25. Yamiks

    [video] How to unlock Guardian SLFs, Weapons & Modules

  26. Morbad

    Triple Elites! Time to go get someone killed.
  27. tribbleoverlord

    Please fix NPC Crew having Overinflated Ego's!

    Ok, so i've started using the npc crew recently, mostly just to test it out and i have noticed two very GLARING and annoying things about them. They have HUGE ego's that dont match the whimpering they do when under attack. 1) So i have had to hired a few npc's mostly i use them whenever i need...
  28. T

    SLF Aimbots.

    Yello Fdev and fellow space pilots. Can we please get a nerf (Yes.. You read that right...) On the Elite/Deadly ranked SLF's. At this point they are Aimbots. My beef with these little hellions is that, at least as far as PvP goes, They are one of the biggest click win assets in game, in such...
  29. Morbad

    NPC crew training

    With the introduction of the Krait and newfound popularity of SLFs, maintaining a stable of upper rank crew members seems more relevant than ever (especially for someone who expects to use, and eventually lose, them in conflict with other CMDRs). I've generally found it most efficient to allow...
  30. G

    The collector drone: Ship-launched item collector

    You can check out another collection-centered thread here, the material collector limpet:
  31. Zenoe

    NPC Crew idea

    Do you have an NPC Crew member you're attached to? Do you prefer to fly in a non-SLF compatible ship? Ever wish your crewmember could be more useful outside of SLF? Then I have the solution for you! Upgrade your Crewmember to your Wingman! Upgrading your crew brings multiple benefits: 1.)...
  32. D

    Newcomer / Intro Mixed messages regarding SLFs

    So I play on Xbox One and I'm getting mixed messages on what ships will carry ship launched fighters. On forums and on Rougey I'm seeing that the type10 defender is able to yet in game from the Crew screen that ship isn't listed ... Can any one give me a definitive list of ships that support...
  33. S

    Multi-Crew Questions and Issues (With FGS advice appreciated)

    Hey everyone, I just bought a FGS and was trying to multi-crew with my two friends who play ED. I have a size 6 SLF hanger and two SLFs, but I could only invite one person to my crew. Reddit threads from the 2.2 beta prior to SLF release mentions you can have two humans pilot your SLFs. Did the...
  34. C

    SRV Orbital Drop

    Precisely as the title says, I would appreciate being able to drop the SRV without landing all the way even if the limit is within 1 km of the surface just being able to drop the SRV makes sense especially when it becomes multi-crew capable. You could do something like what appeared in the...
  35. B

    Friendly Fire, Automated Combat, and Police

    So I just lost 5mil to replace my Beluga today because the cops decided to turn on me over a 200CR assault bounty that I randomly gained (Don't ask why I was bounty hunting in a Beluga). I've had the exact same thing happen before in Keelback. Granted, of the hundreds of bounty vouchers I've...
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